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1.3 AI Bugs

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  • 1.3 AI Bugs

    Taken from this thread:

    Originally posted by ElJoelio
    The bots hearing BJ hits is a bug - to them the noise is supposed to be non-existent.

    As for bots seeing in the dark, this is also a bug. It's probably linked to the vis meter bug.

    Although no-one has mentioned it here, it's a good a time as any to fess up about the sniped-> shoot tag from arse ability of the bots... this is a bug. The bots are only supposed to shoot the tag if they are facing you when you hit them.

    oh and also the accuracy when they shoot the tag doesn't seem to have any aim error added - this is a bug too

    ooh ooh and always using a charged up hit - i'll have to look into this

    and no initial delay when switching weapons: bug

    and the lack of 1-hit-death on unalert guards: bug

    and probably lots of other stuff
    Please add your bot bugs to this list! Give details of what the bot did, what you were doing, whether or not you were in a multiplayer game, etc...

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    Well, AI guards run faster then lightning, even with a mace or bow.

    They should get a penalty for having a weapon in their hands, but no. They keep running at the same speed.
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      Originally posted by PhaeThorn
      Well, AI guards run faster then lightning, even with a mace or bow.

      Bug or feature?


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        Knowing Joel, it must have been a feature.

        Okay, Joel, d00d!

        I thought I was cool, I really did. I hid in the shadows of Korman's church and got my bow and arrows out with a smile on my face...

        Aww, shit, you know the rest. AI shot a tag bolt from his ass.


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          AI shot a tag bolt from his ass.
          OH CRAP, I just realized, we may be up against a greater power here:

          "If William Wallace were here, he would slay the [taffers] with fire[bolts] from his eyes and [Tagbolts] from his arse."


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            That's enlightening, Joelio. I thought those were features of the new godlike AI, not bugs. I feel much better now (really, I do). Fixing those bugs should make them MUCH more reasonable! Thanks for noticing!

            You've covered all the ones that I've noticed. I'll keep an eye out for other fishy stuff.
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              Single player, Grange, hiding in ramp from main hall to kitchen, have full health, not one point missing (hadn't been hit since spawning). Genius AI hears me, stalks down, mace drawn. Bumps into me, I'm dead, IMMEDIATELY. A charged mace swing isn't a one-hit kill, so I'm at a loss to explain what happened, unless it hit me with TWO charged mace hits, with no discernable time interval between them.


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                LOL! AI circlestrafe BJ-s LR!


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                  1. AI weapon switching needs a delay similar to the delay humans have between switching weapons. This may omit the need to turn down AI skills.

                  2. On the map Breakout, this happens all the time. When you open the door on either A or B most levels show light coming in through the open door. Breakout Doesn't seem to show light on you because the meter only goes to about 2% when you open the door. But somehow the AI sees you and nails you. This may be related to the skin issue or the Liar visibility gem Issue.


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                    AI feel you and hit you with their melee immediately, killing you before they even finnished talking.

                    They don't act surprised at all, they just shadowslash away and beat you up with instacharged attacks, following you even swhen you creep away.

                    In 1.2 they'd actually go "huh?" when they'd bump into you, which was much better, because we now don't have a cue at all, other than suddenly being killed by an AI that couldn't even see you.

                    So I'd like to see it implemented that the AI got a bit of a surprise delay before they attack you, like in 1.2.


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                      Actually in 1.2 they usually said "BOSS!?"


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                        Originally posted by KewlAzMe
                        Actually in 1.2 they usually said "BOSS!?"
                        That's "WAS?!", which is German for "What?!".


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                          OHHHH....added to my list of german words


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                            Actually, he said the entire three-word phrase:

                            Was is Das?

                            (pronounced 'Vas is Das?' in a german accent)

                            (it's more of a stereo-typical thing than being exact german)


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