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  • Server dropping issue

    You know its happened to you. I would be hard-pressed to believe it hasn't happened to ANYONE who plays this game regularly. And sometimes when it happens, it can spoil the entire match or even leave a soiled taste in someones mouth.

    My proposal: Allow servers to watch for dropped players. OK, now how to possibly make this work without having to listen about the new-fangled strategy of 'dropping on purpose just before the guard whacks me' bit?

    When a player DOESN'T die, and simply becomes disconnected, he is considered KOed, and follows typical KO rules. For guards this would be fairly simple. For thieves, they would have a special server setting of possibly 5 minutes, then returned to the 'life' pool. No equipment/loot would drop, yet loot would respawn normally.

    This would end most of the foul language you hear when connections go bad.

    As a side possibility, the 'dropped' player would be 'remembered' by the server, and forced into the same team they were in before. A possible time wait could also be imposed of perhaps 5 min. The only way we have of really doing that right now is through the users name or perhaps IP...which are fairly easy to change, so may not be prudent. I would personally like to see some sort of registration number for each of us...but again those can be cumbersome and changed.

    Any comments are welcome.


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    IP would work. Only a dialup player is going to be changing his IP in 5 minutes, and it's more of a hassle than it'd be worth just to change teams. Even that could be eliminated by shortening the time to 1-2 minutes.