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Bug: wet rats stay wet rats

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  • LaughingRat
    This was a bug inherent in UT. If you spectated in freecam placed the camera under water, you got the same effect when switching to followcam.

    Only the dying as a rat is Thievery specific.

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  • Thebos
    started a topic Bug: wet rats stay wet rats

    Bug: wet rats stay wet rats

    Noticed this while online. A quick search failed to turn up any other record of thi bug. When spectating as a rat, and you are in water, you cannot switch to follow-cam with a mouse click. If you make the switch through the menu, it works, but it looks like you are following them through water. You are also likely to get a 'you died as a rat' message, and you can see the location where you switched from rat to follow-cam at that point. I suspect that switching to follow-cam as a rat in water leaves you a rat, only you the view is that of the follow cam.