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Crackaz + Nostalgia = Crash.....

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  • Crackaz + Nostalgia = Crash.....

    Everyone knows that if you break too many glass bottles, cups, etc. Crackaz will eventually crash. But I've recently found that if you break the glass in the skylight over the library on nostalgia, it will crash the game instantly 4 out of 4 times now. Ive only tried it on the far end of the skylight (small part facing the edge of the map) one swift crack of the BJ to this area shatters the glass and POOF crash.

    Gonna retest this on Mogs, mine, and other servers. Perhaps Crackaz need a full uninstall and re-install. That solved a lot of my problems.

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    Fast one, ay... That have existed a long time. (Pre 1.2) and is know by alot... but not you i see.


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      You forget that playing on crackaz is somewhat NEW to me! and if everyone knows then why they asking me.


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        So we let you back in, and the first thing you do is go and crash the server repeatedly. Yeesh.


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          LOL!! you like that LR! Once a trouble maker, Always a trouble maker! LOL