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    Getting ENBSERIES running on Thievery.

    A while ago i posted some screenshots of thievery running on the d3d9 renderer and using enbseries for graphical enhancements. This is a hopefully not too boring/dry instruction on how to get it running on your thievery/unreal tournament.

    Required Files
    • D3D9 Renderer for UT99 1.3 (here)
    • ENBSERIES 0.0075E for DEUS EX (here)

    Basic Installation
    1. Extract the D3D9 Renderer contents (d3d9drv.dll and into your "UnrealTournament/System" folder
    2. Run the game and change your renderer to Direct3D9 either in the preferences menu, the launch menu or in thaux.ini by setting "GameRenderDevice=D3D9Drv.D3D9RenderDevice" under "[Engine.Engine]"
    3. Again, either in preferences or in thaux.ini under Direct3D9 Renderer ensure that "UseFragmentProgram=False" under "[D3D9Drv.D3D9RenderDevice]"
    4. Now close the game and extract the enbseries zip contents (d3d9.dll and enbseries.ini) into "UnrealTournament/System"
    5. Start the game. enbseries should now be loaded and running using the default settings, you can toggle the effect with shift+f12. By default only Bloom and Bump Mapping is enabled.

    At this point you will be running the game with the Direct3D9 Renderer and with the basic bump mapping and bloom effect. even at 1920x1080 this should not be performance intensive enough to cause any significant framerate drop.

    If you start the game and immediately crash, make sure that any other Direct3D Injectors are disabled like D3DOverrider SweetFX RadeonPro or anything like that.

    If you want to enable additional effects or change the parameters this needs to be tweaked in "enbseries.ini"

    Give me MOAR

    So yeah, bloom and bump is nice and all, but imo the real meat of the enbseries mod is the Ambient Occlusion and Indirect Lighting effects. This fills in "shadows" when objects are near each other for example a guard body on the ground and Indirect Lighting which allows the color from nearby objects to bounce and bleed onto adjacent objects giving the "soft lighting" effect.

    These can be enabled in "enbseries.ini" under [EFFECT] with "EnableOcclusion=1"

    and under [SSAO]:
    1. "UseAmbientOcclusion=1" for SSAO
    2. "UseAmbientOcclusion=1" and "UseIndirectLighting=1" for SSIL.


    The SSAO and SSIL effects, while being very nice are by far the most performance intensive effects. They are also HIGHLY dependant on screen resolution.

    Some tips for increasing performance:
    • Quality of the occlusion effect can be controlled directly with OcclusionQuality=0..2 with 0 being best, 2 being worst.
    • Quality of the occlusion filter can be controlled with FilterQuality=0..2, both set to 0 produces the least grainy effect but is quite performance intensive, i'd recommend OcclusionQuality=1 or 2 and FilterQuality=0 or 1 depending on desired framerate.

    If indirect lighting is too much for your GPU, disable it, the ambient occlusion on its own should run fast enough to give at a partial effect.

    If your framerate is too low, don't worry about trying running a lower resolution. The softness off the lighting effect somewhat offsets the decreased resolution. Even though native res is nice, the improved lighting environment imo is still an improved tradeoff for running at 1280x720.

    In my own experience, i could run ALL effects at acceptable framerate (40-60) on a Radeon HD5770 at 1280x720, and can run at similar performance at 1920x1080 on an HD7850.

    Bloom and Bump Mapping will run fine on pretty much any Shader Model 3.0 hardware, but for SSAO and SSIL you will need something with a bit more horsepower.

    If anybody is interested in running this, and has any issues with installation, crashes or other issues, or just want help tweaking for performance i'll happily try to help.
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    I must be doing something wrong because I see no diference when turning on SSAO.

    Anyway, here's a shot from my map with ENBSERIES enabled.

    Uploaded with
    Feel the power of the


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      are you sure that both of these

      These can be enabled in "enbseries.ini" under [EFFECT] with "EnableOcclusion=1"

      and under [SSAO]:
      "UseAmbientOcclusion=1" for SSAO
      "UseAmbientOcclusion=1" and "UseIndirectLighting=1" for SSIL
      are enabled. u need EnableOcclusion to be 1 under [EFFECT] and also UseAmbientOcclusion=1 (must) UseIndirectLighting=1 (optional) for it to work.

      how heavy you want the effect depends on parameters, here's mine. maybe for you it might be a bit heavy darkening/bleeding on the edges but that can be reduced to taste. (documentation here) (SSAO doc here)
      also just been messing around with depth of field for photo-focus like effect

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        My first working version for UT, was from a Thievery tutorial.
        One thing I did come across, is that the Windows driver settings can be the problem when it is not behaving.
        You must have your performance/qulity slider set to "Balanced" or "High-Quality" (or equivalent if you manually configure your card).
        Using high-performance settings to regain some speed, is not an option.

        I collected everything I could find useful for ENB, and compiled it for use by all U1 users.
        The complete ENB documentation is also included for offline browsing.
        It contains a collection of configs for various ATI and nVidia cards, and extra support files for those that need them.
        You will notice when you look at these configs there are certain settings that differ even on fairly similar GFX cards.
        Choose a config closest to your card (if you can) and edit that.

        I found a Russian config editor, and converted the help file to English, so each section is explained in the GUI.
        The GUI is still in Russian, but i provided a "cheat-sheet" so you can work out the buttons.

        ENB works with other D3D renderers such as the new version from Oldunreal

        It also works a treat in Unreal 227
        I would recommend trying it with the new renderer, as it will become the new standard if no more problems need fixing.
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          Originally posted by Antero90 View Post
          I must be doing something wrong because I see no diference when turning on SSAO.
          Also under [GLOBAL] make sure "AlternativeDepth=0" or SSAO will not work, also on some graphics cards also "UseMRTRendering=0""
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            BTW. I forgot to say
            Wow !
            that's the best ENB setup I have seen so far.

            I think some vids for promotion on youtube would be good, if you can


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              i already thought of doing some vids, managed to get it playable with all all effects on maximum quality at 1080p on aa HD7850 at 40-50fps, i will post the config if you'd like to play around with it.

              >> config here

              if performance is an issue i recommend turning OcclusionQuality to 1. DoF is turned off in this because it blurs the menu and HUD, so if you want it you will have to turn it off to read chat etc. If you want it on just "EnableDepthOfField=1"

              here's a video in the meantime... for some reason encoding got screwed up and plays back at half speed for me, but i guess gives a decent view of the image while frantically running away from guards... heh (it was the audio samplerate bah!)

              Looting Grange in 56 seconds

              i am useless with youtube, feel free to upload that video to youtube yourself and link back here if you want.
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                This may well be good timing as it is an otherwise quiet point in the Unreal world.

                Captain Hook has suggested a forum section dedicated to modernising U1, and I have been crusading the benefits of moving forward with the old U1 engine for ages (partly due to servers hosting old files).

                If we want new players, we need to show the world U1 based games are still valid and even glorious to play.

                We have huge textures, cool new audio and video renderers (better than UT2004).

                1 thing we could do with a better version of (for Thievery), is a better horse that does not look so stupid laying dead with its legs in the air!

                If you have a google/youtube account, but just find the upload a pain, this may suit you better.
                Get a useful app to convert any video file between hundreds of video formats. Enjoy fast video conversion to MP4 with best Free Video Converter for Windows.

                Bloatware, but works better (and faster) than the web GUI.

                Though I prefer Vimeo for distributing video as it is cleaner and allows downloads, I do have a youtube account so can also upload there.

                I just inspected the file, and yeah the quality settings are odd.
                There is no need to max-out the encoder settings.
                AVC encoding is averaged, so the max setting is actually below what you really get.
                You can encode at half the quality, as the encoder takes up the slack by encoding fast or complex scenes at a higher bitrate, and dark slow moving stuff at a lower bitrate.
                This file could be 58MB and still keep the quality.
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                  Not really a fan of the bump/normal effect on those ENB shaders. Since it's autogenerated from the diffuse it's pretty inaccurate and the effect is cranked up way too high. Doesn't look like there's a config option for it either?


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                    there was a amount of bump setting in parameters.


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                      yeah its not great, shift+enter will show you the bump parameters so you can fiddle.
                      that is with shift+enter open holding 1-8 and pgdn/pgup to de/increase.

                      parameter 2 will control the dark "edge detecty" jelly effect, i find somewhere between 0.66 and 0.707 for not too-exaggerated effect

                      parameter 3 will control the bright specular spots? seemingly and i tend to bump it up a bit to 1.33 or so to offset losing contrast on the dark side

                      the others... have varying effects or none at all? but 2 and 3 will control most of the effect.
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                        The Russian config editor in my earlier post, has all the help info linked to each section you click on.
                        This can also be kept running for continued tweaking, as every time you flip in or out of full-screen, it resets the GFX.
                        You don't have to quit the map or game.

                        Remember some of the settings are fixes for certain chipsets, so you may get no useful setup until you enable or disable them (this is why some people can never get it to work).

                        Don't forget all the options are "optional". If you don't like bloom, or don't like the bump-mapping, don't use it. Use the other features you do like.
                        Also bare in mind, some poorly made maps will always look awful with this.

                        Also worth taking note of. This mod was made for Deus Ex, and as such, includes options for things other U1 games may not have.
                        e.g. It includes day and night settings, but not many U1 maps or mods have these tags.
                        This is also why it is better suited to a mod like Thievery.
                        When using with UT, my preferred config looks terrible in brightly lit maps, so I only use it with darker maps.

                        A noticeable issue with using ENB, is that you should disable Multi-texture (so I have read), to avoid "plastic-walls"
                        This can make certain textures disappear and just turn black. It can also stop some decal effects like scorch-marks from working.

                        If you map with ENB in mind, you can avoid blank textures and plastic walls, etc. so you can have everything on.

                        UseFragmentProgram=True/False will also switch the bumpmapping on or off.

                        Worth a look for those that can use the DX10 renderer by Kentie, is the ease with which you can actually just add bumpmap DDS files in your texture folder.
                        e.g. if you want to add them for existing wall textures, you create a folder with the texture pack name, then add the bumpmaps with names matching the actual textures.
                        The DX10 renderer can automatically see these, so you don't need to re-build the texture-pack.
                        This means the map still works for everyone.
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