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    Okay, here is a short progress report:
    Stats seem to be finished, everything works as expected, I have also added a feature that allows me to add some stats later - in case there is something missing, without need to reset stats. What is more I have also completed the parser I mentioned a few posts above, which runs at the end of every run and appends rounds stats to overall stats. As it was before - there are 3 types of stats: standard, reliable and super-reliable, the first holds all rounds stats, the second holds just rounds with 4+ players and the last one holds 7+ players rounds which is at least 3v4.
    It would be quite a lot of work to write all statistics that can be logged, so I will just the tell that the mutator logs more than 100 variables for each player, such as: thieves killed with tag bolt, used health potions, food eaten, craters left, marios, locks picked, mines triggered etc. With those values I can make even more stats, since I can make "Total potions used" by simply adding all potion stats, I can make average of some potions used per round etc. This means that there will be about 200-250 unique stats for every single player.

    technical info:
    The mutator itself is no longer just server-side, as it became required to execute some code on client. Today I will put it on my server and it will be possible to test it. I will hold with any official release till Thievery 1.7 is out, as it may change some things and I may be required to remake some parts of my mutator. The code consists of about 2300 UnrealScript lines, and 2000 C++ lines for the parser.

    What is left to be done:
    All the HTML, PHP and javascript stuff, for displaying stats on the net, sorting them, filtering, comparing etc. Another thing is the achievement system which is still not implemented, but it will more likely come as a separate mutator.


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      Score recorder web release

      Some things have changed since my last posts, so I will give you an update (yes, this project is still alive!). I think I will start from the beginning (it's been a while).

      What are we talking about?
      It is a mutator that logs all players' stats at the end of every round. It logs more than a hundred of various statistics for each player (like used potions, tag bolt hits taken or given, thieves killed with mace, etc.). At the end of each round all statistics (plus some round-specific stats, like the team that won, round duration etc), are logged into a file. After that, the game calls an application I coded, that parses the output and puts it into a database. That data in DB can be then used by a web app, that will display stats to users.

      How much has been done?
      The mutator works on my server since December 2013 (though the server hasn't been working all that time unfortunately). It is fairly stable, if a problem shows up, it gets fixed asap. I recently coded a parser (I've been mentioning a few posts before, that I already had one, but it was a poor one, now I made a far-better implementation) - this means that all rounds logged before, and all rounds from the moment I made it, could be uploaded to database. There is also a web app (it is not finished yet) I've been working on for some time. I recently made the website public (link will be given below). You can browse all round stats - there is a list of all rounds played on my server, that you can filter, and display details about each round. You can also browse all aggregated players stats (there is a link for that on top of the website) - you may also specify which rounds should it count (via filters panel), for instance you may display players stats from rounds that took place between January and May, and had at least 4 players on (2v2 or more) - it is all up to you. It is possible to display all stats (their sum and average values), what makes a total of 262 unique columns (the code file with columns definitions has more than 3K lines).

      What is left to be done?
      Well, changes will be just in the web app - I will be adding more features from time to time. I have some cool ideas in mind, I will keep them secret until release - for now I can tell there is going to be a similar list to players stats, but with map stats instead (there is already an inactive link for that at the top of the page). There won't be as many columns as in players stats (I guess it won't be important to see which map has the most tag bolt kills per round), but there will be columns like Thieves/Guards win %, Thieves killed(total/average), Guards killed(total/average), Craters left(total/average) (I know it's going to be Flats on the top of the list), Average round time, etc. Wins ratio would be very handy, to determine which maps are best balanced for desired players count (for example, you will be able to see wins ratio for 2v3 rounds, and decide which maps are the most balance for such rounds). Another feature I have in mind, is the ability to display each players profile by clicking on his name in players stats list (in similar way that "Details" link works in round stats). There will be some detailed stats about each players (including some of those secret features I mentioned before).

      I'll update this topic every time I add some features to the web app. Unfortunately, it all requires time, which I don't have too much lately (says the guy who in last few months has been - according to stats - online the most time, released a map made from scratch, a server browser, and now comes with a stats browser), so we will see if TUT won't die (isn't it already dead?) before.

      Haxers Thievery Server stats

      I will also take the opportunity to remind you of a server browser I made recently. There is also a new level for TUT, (work-name Th-DEV_001), that is actually finished (will be called Th-HaxersEstate, or Th-HaxersCatilianEstate). It is already available on my server (TH-DEV_001_018), I will create a topic about it in mapping subforum in a few days.