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  • Cool Way to get on Brodys

    Hi there, Community.

    As far Epic has dropped their Service, you might have the Problem, that you wont see my Servers up.

    Some PPL (so do we own) start Thievery and enter the Server by using the "Open Location", which is ok, should you know the IP and Port.

    I d like to suggest you another smoothie Way, to join easy by clicking my Servers.

    Open your ThAux.ini File and add these Lines at the Bottom:

    Favorites[0]=Brodys Challenge\\6667\False
    Favorites[1]=Brodys Revenge\\7778\False

    From now on my Servers will Show up in your Thievery, at the FAVORITES Tab, there it is easy for you to check, if my Servers are up, and you can easy enter them by clicking them.

    Lets meet online, and have some good Rounds.
    My Servers are 24/7 online.

    best Regards from Germany,
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    Thievery Customs Center
    Vietcong Customs Center

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    n1 brodey


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      also, if anybody doesn't know this yet, i always use
      bandits site:
      to check if people are on. steam too is useful to check these things
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        Does anybody know why we cannot see servers anymore? I have read that gamespy ceased hosting the masterserver, but as far as I know, there are other masterservers, including epics official one. I have checked how it is in UT - and everything works fine there, what is more I have managed to find Brodys servers among others. I doublechecked that I have the masterservers set the same in both UT and TUT inis (ListFactories properties), but I can't get any of it working in TUT.


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          I see no point in replying to this offtopic post.

          Edit: lol, I just did.


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            there must be something in the water they drink, in Ukraine...


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              GameSpy != Epic

              When you set up (G)ott's XBrowser it will work again, but the nice filter (so that not all UT Servers have to be queried) is not working then.
              That was the main reason I did not use it up to this point.
              Now with what seems to be a hardcoded gamespy only MasterBrowser setting in Thievery's own MultiplayerMenu it becomes viable with TUT.

              I cannot say whether your servers are properly advertised on Epic's server or they only show up because they are faved, though and I do not feel like doing some science on that one now.

              If Epic would ever forsaken it's game, a good FLOSS guy already stepped in. \o/
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