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  • Th-Bastion Beta ^^

    Any feedback or requests feel free!

    It's impossible to remove certain bugs but if you find anything really nasty just say, the lower balcony on the main building is slippy so watch the corners :p

    This is the second beta, although the magic is gone it was essential to see how it appears whilst populated with players, to understand more about its scale, how it will work; and any alarm bells that wouldn't ring until its release.

    The older version may still be on Brody's (thanks Brody) and the new one is on Haxers server (thank you Przemek557).

    What's planned/what's in?

    >Multiple ways in/spawns, and one way out (the final exit) = so the map isn't as big as it looks, believe me once you're in, you're locked in to the compound, emphasizing this by making activation of an exit an objective has been considered, as the outskirts of the map are designed thief favorably generous.

    >An Anti-Dm measure similar to that of Th-Spider might be implemented, although a high guard count all buying traps can break a map and make it more difficult than before, dm is still a powerful feature that divides and destroys so it's essential the map is calculated correctly.

    > The exit may be an (object based) place and open mechanic, (but it will cause mega camping) of the objective and possible place location.

    >As well as rain that is in the map (sheets non solid), implementing some basic small lightening for the level may be possible, but performance over appearance will dictate this in the end.

    >There will be a lower section like stronghold, so that when you have infiltrated deep within the main building you really need to be careful.

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    The only reason I continued to create this map, was as a thank you to Brody for single-handedly keeping Thievery alive online during its worse eras, from past to present.


    The objectives and exit are working, there are no path nodes but there are ai and they move around on routes.

    The rain isn't complete or the map for that matter but its certainly playable for a beta, with much of the core concept complete.

    Anyone of you have my expressed permission to reuse and remap any structure directly from this map into another map, like Hanse for example,

    so long as it isn't a new version of the entire map TH-Bastion, for which please put forward suggestions requests and bugs if you find them.

    By tampering with this map you will understand the many faults that have become in-bedded within it that are of the "Goblin" curse in origin and therefore, why it has taken so long.

    I can't keep decorating it forever, we all need to move on including Thievery... to a new engine



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      Never, ever, argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience


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        Originally posted by necros View Post
        Sorry mate - love your site


        Path nodes added (humans inhabit AI and spawn where AI are now *only*)

        Removed chimney smoke (suspected it was dropping performance)

        Revised spawn locations (neater better facing orientation)

        Corrected ladders (and added a few more)

        Kitchen gives off light now (unbugged)

        Locked safes (thieves only can open)

        Added 2 more gargoyles (for more ledge access to the bastion)

        Just correcting the complex zones the best it will allow, and any new fix will be next year.

        Bastion27, quick revival so it gets cycled more and doesn't piss more players off than I intended rushing it out for fun.