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    map loot 835, found 785
    breaking windows with arrows sets off alarm
    2nd floor west side window secret. panel opposite to press.
    no picks needed to win but bar is locked
    front doors can be picked. Opening door sets off alarm
    clock switch? at fireplace, affects book panels?
    locked secret panel behind couch can't be picked
    red switch at fireplace opens grate for book objective, starts alarm
    locked door upstairs, leads to bridge
    hidden snowman through secret chamber 1st floor, walk through wall past bloody corpse on right
    the bar 95
    fountain coins 30
    2nd floor 275 without blue gem
    2nd floor blue gem 50

    1 torch entire map?
    vines in SW by gate into snow. Can jump into area with giant cookie, can't pick up. Going inside cookie returns you to map

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    Hah someone taking this map seriously xD
    There's a hidden button that activates the panel behind couch but there's nothing inside.
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