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    I have recently set up an initiative to start playing thievery on regular basis, ie. once a week. We have already successfully tried it twice (on Thursday 8 PM GMT + 1), but I would like to expand the idea outside of my shoutbox (@ The idea is, to have one (perhaps in the future, it could be more than one) scheduled event every week, when we will gather and play some TUT. Currently it is Th 8PM GMT +1 but we may decide another term if you wish. I came here to ask all volunteers to participate in this event, or at least show us some support, by encouraging others to do so .

    I have also set up a Discord server for Thievery, at If you already use Discord - I encourage you to join the server. If you do not - I encourage you to start using it. For an online gamer, it has currently became a must-be.

    Anyway, let me know if you would like to participate in such kind of regular thievery, even if it were to be just "from time to time". If you do not wish to take part in it - I still encourage you to speak up your mind in this topic, perhpas together we may find a better solution to "bringing back the taffer online". If Thursday 8 PM GMT + 1 isnt right for you - fine, we may try and find a better timespan for TUT - this is just a random offer I came up with.
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    Up, up, up!

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        Hello all,

        What a nice idea, yeah I'll be there!


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          Your link is missing the : - so for those not wanting the redirect anyway:

          Guardians' Thievery Discord Channel.
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            Thanks! I fixed the link in the first post.