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  • distractors

    why not give the thieves a set of marbles or rocks just so they can throw to cause maybe 1pt of damage and make a noticable sound give a starting thief 5,
    they would have to cause a guard to be confused as to where the sound is comming from lureing a camping guard away

    maybe the guards could get a large trap the amplifys sound nearby footsteps and lockpicking it would have to be expensive but worth the cost maybe 200$

    why not give the guards decoys you place like a mine and it deploys a guard shaped balloon that would at firstglance might make a thief think twice or use equipment that he didn't need to use
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    ugh ....i'll just use this post to show my thoughts on everyone's suggestions....Although most of these things suggested sound cool...most are either unrealistic idea's, just plain dumb, or give one side a major advantage over the other. I think TUT is fine with its current weapons, settings etc. and does NOT need to be changed....EXCEPT for adding in the Mage :grin: . Well that's my piece


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      Why not implant decoy traps. like 6 fake caltrops in a door, or 2 fake mines in a door. When you step on them they go away. Yeah ... i agree with errblah on this one.
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        Why not just use the riff raff you can find in every map? I find dice extremely distracting, since they slide quite a ways.
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          make dice and other junk inventory items so you can carry em around and toss em when you need to.
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            In Bourgeouis... Get alot a food and make food trails to lure guards into the darkness....

            (Hey! There's ALOT of food in that map!)


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              Just have em chase one thief and another KO around the corner.

              = one scary thing to go against. :twisted:
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