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Thief Melee Weapons (I miss the old Blackjack)

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  • Thief Melee Weapons (I miss the old Blackjack)

    OK, I'm too tired to waffle so heres what I reckon thieves should have as a basis for melee weaponry:

    -Fists (Free): I'm gonna keep suggesting that we get hand-to-hand combat till it finally happens. Minimal damage (say 5-10 points). A charged-up hit should act like the current blackjack (temporary knock-out), but shouldn't be able to penetrate helmets.

    (Note: I'm putting this in relation to all those action films where the good guy sneaks up on a bad-guy and knocks him out with one good punch)

    -Blackjack (Cost: 150): Would act like the old blackjack. Takes guards out properly (ie. they are made unconscious for the duration of the level), with charged-up hits penetrating helmets. However, having this out should have a small visibility increase and PROPER blackjack-whore protection will be needed (ie. helmet cant be smashed by lots of little blackjackings, & guards are granted temporary blackjack immunity after a failed blackjack). Damage would again be minimal (say about 10 points).

    (Note again: If you did club someone over the head hard enough, I doubt there is very little that could be done in medieval times other than letting them wake up of their own accord)

    -Sword (Cost 250): No changes, I'm just showing this for a price comparison

    Big important notice: Using fists as a default weapon instead of blackjack, you may notice that they are a very close equivalent to the current blackjack. This is because I only wanted to focus on the following:

    - Hand-to-hand combat
    - A suitable weapon for assassin-style play (my prefered method)

    So, all things considered, you can now all tell me why you don't like this idea?

    (Another note: If you don't like this idea exactly, but think it would be good with a few minor adjustments, state them here instead of starting another thread. I want to discuss the idea, as opposed to a load of people saying "I don't like that" and leaving)

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    The old days of DMing that you enjoyed are gone forever. Deal.
    Nearly all men can stand adversity -- if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.


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      I <strike>don't</strike> like that.

      Well, I like the fist, but the BJ is fine how it is if you know how to hide bodies.
      The only constant is change.
      (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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        Originally posted by DarkBill
        The old days of DMing that you enjoyed are gone forever. Deal.
        /me runs off and cries


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          I kinda like the new days of the DM. Let the guards wake up more so I can have more KOs.

          NOTE: I said only guard awakes.
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            Me prefers the hand-to-back-while-standing-on-a-cliff's-edge combat .


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              I'd say leave the BJ as is for now , but cost 100 loot while fists can KO unhelmeted guards for half as long (guard is just badly stunned) ; helmets cost 75-100 loot , but can't be broken by normal BJ strikes or fists.

              That said , thieves would have 700 banked loot by default , so that sharpshooters may buy more broadheads instead of a useless BJ ; ghosters would have one extra invis or speed. It would promote teamwork , imho.