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Torchflame relight tag/event bugs?

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  • Torchflame relight tag/event bugs?

    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place...

    The bug: One flare lights two or more torchflames simltaneously. The light returns, but the meshes do not.

    I'm trying to make dousable fires that look a bit nicer than one torchflame placed in a fireplace, i.e. multiple torchflames at varying drawscales.

    What I've found is that:
    When doused a torchflame, as far as I can see, has it's drawscale reduced until it's miniscule. Is that correct or am I seeing things? I tried some experiments with collision, event, extinguish event etc, but I can't get one torchflame to toggle other torchflames, just specialevents etc.

    I think I know enough to code some kind of trigger flame that won't give off light, just serve as a supplementary actor to the main dousable and light-giving flame in a fire. Before I try it though, I'd like to know: Is there a workaround that doesn't involve custom scripting?

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    Yes, I've always wondered what that bug was about.
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