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Arcing of Vine arrows

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  • Arcing of Vine arrows

    Ok.. I find this particular bug/feature rather irritating...

    If I am trying to place a vine arrow into a wooden area that is a rathertricky shot, in Thief I would test my angle with a broadhead. That way I do not waste the vine/rope. Well in Thievery this does not work because the vine arrow arcs more than the broadhead. (basically it is more affected by gravity.)

    I can accept that perhaps this is because it 'weighs' more, but would it be so bad to have it follow the same trajectory as a broadhead?

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    I dont find it as a big problem, i tend not to miss with my vine arrows, just remember you have to aim in a little diffrent angle.
    The vine arrow is heavier than a regular broadhead so i find it ok as it is.
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      hmm.. when i shoot my vine arrow it usually straight up or down... I test with a broadhead too on surfaces that I dont usually use, but ive never seen a difference in arc.