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    A few days ago, someone said look at the "sky box" meaning the sky. That got me wondering about having sky boxes in the game where guards and thieves go when they die. From there, they could look down at the game in progress, or have a few games of poker, perhaps? But, that's just silly. :grin:

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    We already have this, it's called "Free Cam"

    (No, really, just go into free cam and fly really high, I'm sure it must be entertaining in some way, not that you'd be able to make anything out from that height)

    & the devs went out of their way to create the rat-form so dead players would still have something to do. I don't see much point in creating anything else for now, when there are the more pressing matters of players who are still in the game.

    Sometimes I sit and think (while I'm dead in TUT), "I'm bored, I wish there was something else to do", but really thats enough motivation for me to not get killed in the first place :wink:


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      You could use a teleporter to allow players to go into the skybox and tower over the edge of the map. Not dead ones though, without extra scripting for the player classes.