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    Bloodletter Bolt -- this has been suggested before, but here are my ideas for one. They'd come in packs of 5 costing 100gp, and do slightly more damage than a normal bolt. They would also, however, cause any hit thief to bleed. By this I mean they leave blood splots on the ground, and slowly take health damage until either they use a healing potion, or they stop bleeding after a certain amount of time, maybe 15 seconds. This would give the crossbow some actual damaging power, but at a price, since the chest won't refill these.

    Impact Bolt -- costing 30gp each, they would do little damage, maybe about 5, but have a helluva lot of force behind it. It would knock thieves back a couple feet. Perfect for dealing with those annoying snipers on high walls, thieves scrambing along rafters, or for knocking theives off their vines. Since you still have to hit the thief, I don't think these would really be overpowered.
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    i like these, esp since i usually use only bow
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      I suggested these ideas before, & I'll script them myself if cough-someone-cough would agree to put them in TUT.

      I'm not in the mood for scripting items just for the hell of it, ]I[ can do that.


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        With the beefup the crossbow got in 1.3, I'm not crazy about the idea of a bolt that does even MORE damage (especially at the cost of a normal broadhead arrow for the bow?), and at the same time shows the guard where a thief trying to make a getaway went. I think it might encoureage thieves to try and slug it out more, since an escape will be much more difficult.

        The impact bolt isn't a bad idea, though. You'd simply have to make it knock a thief further than the regular bolt already does. I could even see them being much cheaper than the suggested 30, since they're primary use would be against hidden snipers, so quite a few might miss their mark.


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          I like the impact bolt idea. I also think bolts do enough damage now.