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  • Selectable Playerstarts

    Need very little explanation: Thieves should be able to choose which PlayerStart they use. If they try to use one that another thief is at, they have to wait till 10 seconds after that that thief has left.

    This idea could be expanded, with thieves being able to "buy" more favourable PlayerStarts, ie. a thief could pay 100 loot to get transported through the outer defence of a fortress, or attempt to infiltrate it himself without spending 100-loots' worth of equipment

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    If more (read: all) levels had sketch maps it would be cool to implement a Battlefield 1942-type overhead map where you choose your starting point by clicking on any available spawn point.


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        I've got it.

        1. Players join server
        2. 15 second pregame timer
        3. Divide teams on timer expiration
        4. Display sketch map and capture mouse input. Note: loadouts can be purchased from this point on
        5. Start 10-15 second countdown
        6. Show transparent guard or placeholder icons on all guard starting points (use an AllActors for locations) in sketch map (if guard, otherwise show thief icons)
        7. If a teammate clicks on a starting point, choice is replicated (person choosing -> server -> teammates) and icon becomes fully lit/visible on all of team's map. No one else can click this icon.
        8. If you have not clicked a starting point before the second timer has elapsed you are spawned randomly at one of the untaken spots.

        I don't think you should be charged extra to choose a spot. If both teams have this ability it should be balanced. Are there any levels in which this would be a bad idea?


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          Great plan.

          Could you script that Dan?
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          (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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            Well, I like the idea but there are some things here.

            - Thieves see guards spawn places? I don't think so, they can make a rush plan, avoiding human guards within the first 30 seconds.
            - Guards seeing thieves spawn points? I don't think so, nostalgia .. folly .. grange .. etc. All spawn area's can be reached and spawnraped. ( nostalgia they sometimes spawn inside the garden. )
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              The spawn points sholdn't be visible to the other team...
              hehe.... this is a sig no?


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                No, maybe I didn't explain the idea properly. Thieves will see all thief startpoints only, guards will see all guard startpoints only.


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                  Originally posted by CrouchingDork
                  Great plan.

                  Could you script that Dan?
                  Hmm, if we are accounting for the HUD overlay, with mouse feedback (current sketchmaps don't require any input from the mouse) then this could be a toughy.

                  Also, I have other rather pressing engagements to see to, scripting-wise. Someone should bookmark this thread and bring it back up in a few months time when I've seen to all those other things I said I'd do.

                  Still, it's a nice idea, so I'm sure MM, ]I[ or one of the other scripters around here could do it.


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                    I spent a few hours looking into this last night and as a result didn't get much playing done. I'm no UnrealScript expert, but after much investigation I believe one would have to:

                    A) Subclass ThieveryDeathMatchPlus to override ThieveryPPawn behavior
                    B) Subclass ThieveryPPawn to override HUD logic
                    C) Subclass ThieveryTeamPlusHUD to override map display logic
                    D) Create special behavior to check if we are in prematch and use a completely different actor + class for map display
                    E) For the prematch map, we create a new UWindowDialog and reimplement all map drawing functions as a dialog window. The thief/guard start locations would no longer be icons, but buttons. I think as a dialog we would need some sort of TeamWRI-type magic, but my head is already hurting.

                    If I mistyped any class names it's because I'm not in front of my game machine right now and so I'm working off of memory.

                    Dan - I'd very much enjoy collaborating with you on this one when you have time. I think it would be a good tie-in with a sketch map mutator on which I am already working.
                    Thwark - You can move this to the mapping/scripting forum if you like


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                      Sure, but like I said, I've got a few other things to see to first.

                      I reckon the sketchmap bit should be ignored till later, & we just concentrate on allowing players to cycle through available spawn points. Once we have somehow made it possible for players to cycle through playerstarts, then we could turn that into some kind of HUD menu to select a specific playerstart. This could then evolve into the sketcmap interface that was suggested.

                      Do things in parts, you'll find it a lot easier in the long-run


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                        I dunno. I kind of like the randomness of player spawning. Never knowing where you'll end up. I find it kind of fun. But that's just me.
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                          Originally posted by Taffergirl
                          I dunno. I kind of like the randomness of player spawning. Never knowing where you'll end up. I find it kind of fun. But that's just me.
                          I rather like it too, for open play. But it wreaks havoc on trying to form a strategy for formal matches in some maps.


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                            Ok, quick project update. I have been working on this one lately with some success. When a player hits the map bind the sketch map now shows as a UWindow instead of being drawn directly on the HUD. This is the only way I know of to get a mouse cursor on screen. The downside is it's sloooooowwww. I think it might be trying to redraw the window canvas each tick though so I'll have to look into possibly speeding that up.


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                              Might it be easier to have a slide-out HUD menu (like the ThieveryShop does) for selecting a spawn.

                              OK, so they would only be listed "Spawn 1", "Spawn 2" etc, but it wouldn't be as memory hungry as your current method and I assume a player still shows up on the sketchmap while they are purchasing their loadout (hence, players can see where eachother are gonna appear).

                              Also, this would lessen the problem encountered on maps without sketchmaps.

                              Playerstarts could even be subclassed to have a an extra property to determine the spawn point's "name", to help reduce the "Spawn Point n" confusion.