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1.3 mappers question

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  • 1.3 mappers question

    I was just wondering if you 1.3 workers could confirm with everyone weather or not the TOB maps are going to be included in the 1.3 patch. thanks

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    I sure hope not.


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      WE ONLY HAVE 2 MAPS! stop being an ass and open your freakin eyes. just because the maps ar eon my site doesn't mean they are ToB maps.....

      i am getting comments like: "i liked anceint ruins DP..good job " ..and i have to go "i didn't make it"

      the only REAL ToB map out there is payback ..sword arena is a map for fun/training (no objectives) and payback is the first map i made. NO they will not be inluded in th epatch (although it'll be cool .. but no) you are pissing me off... did you need 2 threads for this?????

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