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Help me with this bug please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :?

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  • Help me with this bug please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :?

    Please someone help me out here! I have UT v.436 I have Tactiacl Ops installed, and I am trying to get thievery to work but!! When I launch it I get a Critical Error: Failed to enter UT-Thievery-Logo-Map.unr: Can't find Palette in the file "Palette GenIn.Palette37" History:UGamesEngine::Init <- InitEngine

    Please someone help me out here

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    Tactical Ops? I thought that was a HL mod.

    Have you installed the FULL 1.4 version of Thievery?


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      Tac Ops is a UT mod, mode.

      Fast: Have you deleted either the UT/maps/Entry.unr or UT/Thievery/TH-maps/UT-Thievery-Logo-Map.unr ?

      I had a similar error (from what I can recall) when I cleaned out all my UT maps to reduce the folder size, and got rid of the Entry.unr map with them. It should be an 11.3 KBs file.
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        It sounds like a problem with a texture file, actually. If you have the space, consider installing another copy of UT in another folder, and just installing Thievery on it.
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