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    I've created this forum as a holding ground for any of those pesky Server questions, like "why is crackaz so dumb?" and "Why do I smell cheese when I log onto Mog's server?"

    All of the PUBLIC (ie advertised and non-passworded) server admins will be given moderator privilages. If you admin a server in question, PM me for the privilages. If there is more than 1 server admin on your server, you must choose amongst yourself who will be the mod that represents you. One mod per server.

    I have moved the server info thread into here. Make sure that your info is up to date, if you no longer run a server that is still advertised in that thread, please edit your post in that thread accordingly. If you are a new server, please add your posts to that thread. I will be splitting out all posts that are NOT server information.

    This forum caters to current admins to discuss players. It caters to players to discuss server admins. It caters to new or wannabe server admins who need help with their server.

    This is an information forum. Threads detailing hyjinks from a game can (and should) go in GenDisc as per usual.

    Have fun.
    I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.

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    Great news.

    Now, public announcements about settings and other server related issues, can be read by everyone at one single forum.


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      I would also like to add, given the fact that there will be several different mods for this forum, if one of them happens to delete a thread, let me know. Threads that are "questionable" or that you want gone need to be *closed*, not deleted. Deleting threads will result in the removal of your mod abilities.

      just thought i'd throw that in.
      I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.


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        Edit: This should have been a PM, but for some reason I don't have the option to delete my post, so I'm doing the next best thing (changing it to this).
        I'm cool!