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Good Idea this time: more maps for all the levels!

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  • Good Idea this time: more maps for all the levels!

    Pretty self explanatory title, but I wish the next version of Thievery would include maps for all of the levels. In that regard, it makes the game feel a little incomplete...

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    Maps would be a nice idea. Unfortunately, adding a map to a level means adding the entire level to the version. As I believe the devs are trying to keep new version file sizes to a minimum (~25% are still using 56k), they would have to choose between either a new level or an old level with map added. Unless the old level in question has other issues, I would expect (and hope) they add a new level.
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      I'd love to see all the existing maps have sketchmaps, too. But as Thebos mentioned, adding one to a map essentially means redistributing that map to all existing players.

      Perhaps a mappack could be made up with versions of the existing maps with sketchmaps? Server admins that have redirects could run those versions and players could download as they connect, or if they don't want to, they could download and install the new versions themselves.


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        Personally I quite like maps like Theatre where there's no mini-map and not many teamsay locations. It gives a greater sense of realism - how would you know where your mates are, anyway - and, in my opinion, makes guarding that much more intense when you aren't completely sure where the cries of "THIEF HERE" are coming from.

        Sure, I appreciate mini-maps on large maps like DE, but a little bit of variety never hurt anyone.
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          Map or Automap I care not. But DEFINATLEY a good idea for every map. Good thing I suggested this months ago!