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Permanent Bans Effective Immediately

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  • Permanent Bans Effective Immediately

    This is a post that concerns every member of the Thievery community. Over the past few weeks a number of players have been investigated for cheating as a result of complaints made about their play in public servers. A panel of players was set up to discover the truth about these alleged cheaters by compiling evidence and then evaluating the gameplay of each of the accused.

    It is with regret that I must inform you that the panel discovered two players were cheating on public servers. These two players are KewlAzMe and Nemesis.

    It's very sad that the Thievery community has been compromised by cheating, with the inherent trust in other players being violated in this situation. Both players will now face the consequences of their actions.

    The evidence for both players will be released to the public soon, as well as a listing of servers upholding the ban and the names of people conducting the investigation.

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    In order to understand what this evidence shows, it's first necessary to explain a bit about aimbots, what they are, how they work, and what kind of behavior you can expect ingame from someone using one.

    When you play online, your computer has all the information about where every player is sent to it by the server it's connected to. This is necessary so that your machine can determine when to display another player onscreen based on his position, your position and facing, and whether there's anything between you that would block your view (and in Thievery, whether or not the player is invisible or not). Normally the game doesn't reveal to you everything it "knows". But installed hacks can make more of that information available to you than you should have. This is cheating.

    An aimbot is a program, modified gamefile, etc that is activated from within the game, that uses information you may (or may not) have to aim you directly at an enemy player. It's normally used in games with weapons that hit at a distance, instantly, and in a straight line, such as UT's sniper rifle, shock rifle, and instagib rifle, and won't target players htat your line of sight to is blocked (why have a bot target a player you can't hit?). Essentially, it provides you with perfect aim, and all you have to do is pull the trigger. Different aimbots are written with different targetting priorities (closest target, target nearest the center of your screen, etc), but they all target you precisely on the enemy.

    Since the aimbot controls your facing using info you may not have, one of the things you often see from aimbotters is very sudden changes of direction, through 90, 120, or ven 180 degrees, meaning their aim often snaps to a target they may not have known was there. There's no rotation of their character mesh ingame, they're simply facing one way one moment, another the next, with inhuman precision. Since this happens without the player's control, this will sometimes cause the player problems, and we'll see some of that in the evidence I'll post shortly.

    In Thievery, this is mostly useful for guards. Since they'll always be facing a thief, this makes it exteremely difficult to KO a guard, except under conditions of extreme lag, or if two thieves gang up. It also gives the crossbow incredible accuracy at short and mid ranges (longer ranges and the projectile drops off and hits the ground, since it was aimed straight-on), and makes it very easy to kill with a sword, as the aimbot will keep you oriented towards the thief. All you have to do is run and swing. Crack and flashbombs are almost useless, as the aimbot keeps you oriented towards the enemy player despite the effects of the crack or flash, unless the thief puts a wall or other map geometry between himself and the guard, blocking the lock-on the aimbot has.

    So what you'll see in Thievery from an aimbot using player is sudden snaps in facing, an almost invulnerability to KO's, incredible aim with a crowssbow, and unstoppability in close combat, even with flashes and crack.

    My next post will include links to some of the video evidence we have, with explanations of what you're seeing in them.


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      The following videos are in .avi format, and compressed from raw AVI using DivX 5.x.x. If you're unable to view them, download and install this codec. It's about a 3.8 MB download.

      The were compressed with this codec using VirtualDub an avi editing utility that is free. It also allows you to view .avi's, and to go thorugh them 1 frame at a time so you don't miss any details.

      This first piece takes place outside in Stronghold, just at the beginning of a round. Shortly into it, you can see KAM's view snap to a precise location where there's a thief hidden (but hard to see). It then snaps suddenly around nearly 120 degrees to another location, then back and forth several times. He's not able to tell the thieves distance from him and knows there's two so he's vulnerable, so our hero flees inside, firebolting himself on the way, and if you watch closely, dropping two sets of caltrops in completely non-strategic positions ot ensure any thieves running up behind him don't get him.

      Stronghold - 2.7 MB

      We see something very similar here. This takes place outside the church on Korman. KAM tracks one thief along the hedge with amazing accuracy, but then his view is snapped through over 90 degrees to another location. As in the Stronghold video, it snaps back and forth several times before he decides to follow one of them. Some pretty remarkable marksmanship is shown, only thrown off by the fact that the distance is too great and the bolts hit the ground short. Shortly after, he's KO'd by the thief he didn't pursue.

      Korman - 2.7 MB

      Perhaps one of the most telling vids we took, and one of the most confusing. It starts out slowly, with an AI being positioned, but about 25 seconds into the vid, he's moved down to the gallery in Nostalgia, where he locks onto a thief. He chases the thief outside. Notice that on the way, his view is snatched up to a thief in the upper mezzanine, then locks back onto the thief he's chasing. Once he gets outside, his original target is joined be a couple other thieves, and his view is snapped around so dramatically that he's unable to do anything (this is a UT aimbot - normally you'd just shoot and kill an opponent and go on to the next, but KAM is weilding a mace). He eventually becomes so disoriented he has to leave the fight and go back inside.

      Nostalgia - 4.3 MB


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        This next one is in 3rd person, but interesting nonetheless. We have Nem chasing a thief into a vent on Aquatone. Note how he blazes right through a crack cloud and yet stays oriented right on the thief until the thief rounds a corner, breaking the aimbot's lock-on. He's then punctured severely.

        Aquatone - 1.7 MB

        In this vid, we see how that snapping of your direction can cause you some problems. Nam is following a thief on the trellis outside the guesthouse in DE. He's blocked at first by the open window, but the thief is clearly visible ahead. By the time he gets the window closed, the thief is out of sight around the corner. AS Nem rounds the corner, his view snaps to the thief so suddenly, that as he's moving forward, he falls off the trellis, but his vision stays centered on where, in a few seconds, a thief will be shown to be.

        DE - 2.6 MB

        We go to Folly, for what looks like spawnraping (but in all fairness isn't - Nem tracked the thief down here). Again in 3rd person, you can see Nem chase a thief, then back off when a crack arrow is fired, still orented perfectly on the thief. The thief tries to make a run for it, and flashes Nem, who nevertheless executes a PERFECT circle around the thief, flashed, and maintaining a perfect lock-on the whole time.

        Folly - 2.1 MB

        Nostalgia's front yard again. Nem is chasing a thief, but has his view snapped to another thief. He goes back to the original, kills him, then has his vision snapped away by another thief while picking up the dead thief's drop. He also snaps back and forth between two thieves during this part.

        Nostalgia - 2.0 MB

        Soul's Harbor now, and another short vid in 3rd person, again showing a perfect lock-on, even after being flashed.

        Soul's Harbor - 1.0 MB

        I've only posted 8 vids here. This is approximately 15% of the evidence gathered. My intent was only demonstrate that we DO have evidence, and that it is compelling. Any server admins who were not involved in this investigation who wish to ban these players may contact me for the IP information. In addition, the entire body of evidence can be made available to any server admin who needs more convincing.


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          These are the players that participated in the investigation. They have all come to the conclusion that both KewlAzMe and Nemesis have been cheating, and agreed to have their names listed here.


          The following servers have already banned Nemesis and KewlAzMe. By server rules, these bans are permanent. The IP ranges of both will be available to other server admins shortly.

          All Crackaz Theivery Servers
          Mog's -- Home of the Shadow Guild
          Brody's Challenge
          The Blackjack Experience
          TCO Servers
          TuF Servers
          ToB Servers
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            Second mirror for evidence videos added.