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  • UT 451 patch

    Some people seem to be having a problem with getting on servers of late. For those servers using the UT451 patch, found this on the site:

    From, here is a fix for the player login crash bug. This will be incorporated into the next patch as well: All admins are advised to open their files and modify the following entry: LoadClassMismatch=%s is not a child class of %s.%s Change it to read: LoadClassMismatch=%s is not a child class of %s. This will prevent malicious clients from crashing your server by specifying an invalid player class when logging in. This fix should only be applied to Unreal Tournament servers, and you should restart your server after modifying the file in order to apply the changes.
    Do not know enough about this to know if it is relevant, but figure it might be useful.
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    Interesting. I'll have to look into that but maybe Dalai could shed some light on whether this would affect TUT servers.


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      The server admins have been told about this and are fixing it.

      Thanks Thebos.
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        I'm gonna re-mention this, incase anyone forgot:

        Upon installing 451, you won't be able to run TUT-ED!

        (Or at least, that was what I found)


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          Originally posted by The_Dan
          Upon installing 451, you won't be able to run TUT-ED!