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    I think the guards lives work well as they are. With the AI and the respawning and all.


    Thief lives can be chewed up by just one player, i think instead of having, say, 10 lives for thieves, have 5 thief slots, each with 2 lives. If there is less thieves then the lives should be distributed among the others.

    Anyway, just a thought that the distribution of lives for thieves needs to be fairer.

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      SO, you're saying:

      there are 6 lives.

      4 thieves join.

      Thief1 dies.

      1 life left.

      Thief1 dies.

      Thief one spectates.

      1 life left.

      Because the thief already use the maximum 1 life extra that was divided up?

      LIkewise, 2 thieves join, 5 total lives...

      thief1 dies

      3 lives left

      thief1 dies.

      2 lives left.

      Thief1 dies.

      Thief1 spectates.

      2 more lives for thief2 who didn't die.

      Is that the idea here?

      If so, I like it...
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        Another thread may have been focused on this, but it got a little off track...

        As I understand it:

        If there are six total lives for thiefs, then only three can join since their are three slots for thiefs containing two lives each (3 slots X 2 lives each = 6 lives total). The fourth theif would either have to wait or be a guard.

        You cannot have five lives total (or any odd number of lives for thieves) as you have X slots for thieves with 2 lives each for a total of 2X lives

        I like the idea, although I can think of instances where it might not be wanted. For that reason, I would not wanted to the only option. It would be nice to have it as a server option though, requiring the server to keep track of individual player life and death.

        I would propose the following additions to help alleviate some other potential problems:
        1) The does some math based on the number of lives given, rounding up if an odd number of lives available.

        2) For maps with smaller life totals, either have the server overide the map life count providing a minimum number of slots, or simply revert back to the current methodolgy of straightforward life total.

        3) If a thief should die twice with an extra life left, one of thats lifes goes to the thief who just died, and the other goes to who ever is need of an extra life next.
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          how bout this: a random map with 7 lives on it.

          4 thieves.

          thief one, two three and four all have one life.

          thief one dies.

          thief one respawns

          thief one dies again.

          thief one spectates.


          Thief 2 dies two times and spectates.

          thief 3 dies two times and spectates.

          Thief four dies once and the game is over. best way to do it in my opinion. I hate thieves who die 6 times the i die once and im out

          pisses me off.

          Basically, lives are divided up, and if there is a remainder, then the remainder is pooled. Thief spend their lives then can take a maximum of one life out of the pool, then they spectate. It follows the maps respawns and divides it up as fairly as possible.


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            Just give everyone one life then. Yes I'm, serious.

            I've been playing on brodies a lot lately, and I gotta say, I LOVE it there often thieves get only one life, and it makes the game so much better on a theif side.
            As for guards, by the time we finish AI they are already on once life.
            I'm not keen on a theif ALWAYS getting a new chance in the map, I like people to try for maximum effect with the life they are given, plus no sense of mortality makes for sloppy playing, whichever way you cut it.
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              ok, if there are 10 lives, 4 thieves.

              Each thief gets 2 lives.

              There are still 2 left, which are given, one each, to the two players who run out of lives first.

              That was my thought.


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                Again leading to sloppy play by the first few thieves, be they new at the game or not, they get complacent, taking for granted "Another chance at life".

                The only way to sort this IMO, is to have a countdown timer, keep the lives as they are right now, at the startup anyone in the thief team after balance gets their original life, the rest go to a thief pool/bank for lives.
                5 minutes in (or a set timer), another set of lives gets added from whatever was spare after the start. (this should be configurable between all the extra lives or just one or two)
                After the first "Add a life timer" is done, the lives go back into the normal pool, so its back to normal: death wise (unless you also want to limit each thief to one extra life per countdown timer).
                so again after another 5 min, on the 10 min timer, more lives go in.

                This would sort out the "Odd number of lives" conumdrum and would enable the game to stay unchanged map/life wise.

                Say thieves got 10 lives, with 5 players , anyone who dies in the 1st 5 min(or whatever can be set), is out.
                Anyone who has put time and effort into the side, will get rewarded.

                Two problems I can see with this:
                It will inherently change the flow of the game, when that timer pings down, thieves will suddenly become more aggresive (be it DM or trying to take obj)

                If a thief dies without a chance to play/get started, they will whine (unlucky is my view on that)
                This is a maps spawn location problem though, as far as I see it, so it shouldn't happen often.

                Either way that it goes, it should all in ALL, be server side optional.
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                  OK, to add to my idea, how about thieves can get added another life at a server-settable interval.

                  Say, every 10 minutes thieves get another life each. (not too unfair in a 20 minute game).


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                    Originally posted by MacePulp
                    *snip because of length, just scroll up a little...*
                    I like this idea, either that should go in, or say...

                    On a generic map with 6 lives and 4 thieves playing, Thief 1 and 2 get two lives, and thief 3 and 4 are out of luck, and just get one life. Not like it'd be any worse than now.

                    Bah, I still like the idea of divided then pooled.