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AntiShockHoPlusbeta3b on Brody's Challenge

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  • AntiShockHoPlusbeta3b on Brody's Challenge

    The version running on Brody's Challenge is here.

    It would have been nice if I didn't have to spend a half hour finding it as the server denied the download.
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    Yes, it was very frustrating to me, too. Couldn't get in either.

    Also, where do I place that


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      And now for the big question... What the hell is it?!


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        Originally posted by Lurox
        Also, where do I place that
        You don't. Anything with a .uz extension is a compressed version of the file for upload to a redirect server. When you download from a server with a redirect set up, it's the compressed file you actually download.

        Originally posted by Master-Builder
        And now for the big question... What the hell is it?!
        It's a mutator for UT that prevents people from "shockwhoring", but it also has some cheat protections.


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          I don't recall seeing any shock whoring while playing thievery, whatever it is...
          Well, if you don't count camping in a dark place to shock some taffer running by.


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            Originally posted by Salvage
            ... as the server denied the download.
            Maybe some setting on your computer prevented it? A few days back, I got on Brody's and it downloaded fine on my 56k (OS: Win98SE). There were others there too and wondered what it was as it was not listed under the server messages.
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              Same OS as you, but I doubt it's a problem with my box as I've downloaded other files automatically from servers. That and at least one other person had to go and find it was on the server.
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                hi online all,

                i needed to reinstall the whole thievery. so that is i forgot some settings to switch, including the redirection.

                sorry for that. im goin to work on it.

                yesterday i reinstalled ut and tut, ash and the chatlogprog. now im working on installing all custom maps and switch the settings back to what it was earlier.

                im sorry for the problems u had by connecting.

                cu online all,
                ur brody
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