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Vent spawn bug in Aquatone

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  • Vent spawn bug in Aquatone

    This might be commonly known, but I have not seen it until recently.

    I spawn as thief in the vents of aquatone. I find myself restricted a particular segement of the vents. I do not seem to be able to crouch to leave that segement. Problem only seems to occur during the initial spawning. The only solution I have thus far found is intentional suicide. Anyone know of another solution or is suicide the only option?

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    I had thought this was a one time bug, but apparently it isn't.

    The location is just down from the guest rooms in unmarked vents on the thief map. There are steps at one end of the vents and you are able to stand in this area.

    edit: BTW, I don't know of any other way out of there.
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      I think I've discovered a workaround that will get you out, but only if caught early enough. When you first spawn in that particular vent, DON'T CROUCH! Stay standing till you get to the stairs, then crouch. You can get out then. I've gotten stuck here many times before till I tried not ducking when going down this vent. It seems to work every time for me.


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        I'll have to try that too, cause I've gotten stuck there before. :|


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          hmm... never had it happen to me, but i saw it happen today.
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