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AI skill-level problem ?!?

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  • AI skill-level problem ?!?

    This Thread is a continuation of a discussion at the end of this thread

    The problem is that in the current version of thievery it appears that the skill levels (genius/clever/stupid/benny) are near identical as well as not being like they used to be.

    A while back I decided to test the lower AI-skill levels for a bit of fun, The benny guards ran around really slowly, armed with swords, firing bolts with the accuracy and reactions of a drunk Camel...

    However after listening to Mace-Pulp's compliant that the Benny and Stupid AI's all carried Maces and fired with near perfect accuracy as well as with speedy reflexes, I decided that something was wrong.
    So to find out If what he said was true, I tested the other levels of AI in solo games and I found that MacePulp was correct.
    There no longer seemed to be the drastic difference in guard ability, equipment and intelligence that there was last time I tested this.

    When I first tried out the benny AI's I think I was running version 1.3 and of course I now run version 1.4. Is it possible that somehow the skill system got screwed up between versions?
    Could a couple of other players test this out for me and see If they experience the same problem as MacePulp and I. Thanks.
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    yep, same problem for me. kinda annoying when i just wanna mess around
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      I have noticed different behaviours at 3 of the different settings (nevered played against stupid).

      If I focus on the mechanics of a particular tactic, I'll set it AI to Benny. When compared to Clever guards, they seem to be less easily alerted, take less time to drop to a lower an unalert status, smaller search pattern, less likely to hit me with an arrow, and a little slower on the mace hits (at least I do not die near instantaneously when cornered).

      When working a tactic against guards, I'll use the genius setting. When compared to clever guards, my deaths are quicker and the likelihood of being seen/found is greater.
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        For some reason Genius guards have less actual accuracy than the benny.

        go figure.
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          In any case the Benny AI isn’t what he was in previous versions. The fact that the lower-level AI's aren't much stupider than genius may not be a problem for more experienced players, but its quite a big problems for new players, especially seeing thievery is a particularly hard game to learn to begin with.

          And thanks for verifying the problem for me
          .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.