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    This is an idea I got from another game, and Im seeing it less and less as new games come out. But would it be possible to randomly change the AI placement and Paths they take each time a level loads? like loading the path file randomly out of 3 possible paths? Similar to the way the relics spawn in 1 of 5 or 6 different spots each time, but make the AI spawn in different spots so that they aren't always so easy to avoid and memorize the same pattern over and over.

    If the above is or isn't possible, I was also thinking maybe the AI would randomly break path or do something odd, but at different time intervals per game. Like say the guard that stands outside the Theatre, all of a sudden he would just do a random walk into the big squeaky doors and back out.

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    All UT actors have a built in value called ummm... let me look it up (I love having a comp fast enough to start UEd when I need it ) here it is: OddsOfAppearing. Now, I'm not sure it actually works, but if it does, it might be possible to make patrol points be semi-randomized. At the very least, it would make it possible to have a random number of guards , or at least one or two that only appear sometimes.
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      OddsofAppearing is too simplistic for PatrolPoints as they have to reference each other in order. You need something more like ThLootDestroyer. You start with say 5 different routes, and destroy four of them each game. Or to make it more complicated you could have a route made of a few set points and multiple routes leading between each one. You could then destroy all but one of each of the sub-routes, leaving only a single route behind. If you patrol route had 3 set locations and 3 routes between each one, that would make 27 possible patrol routes .

      You could apply a similar idea to guard placement as well.
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        Interesting idea, but too much work, and not that great of a payoff, IMHO. I mean, random AIs would really only be a problem for uber-l33t rushers.


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          I disagree... Loot spawns in different locations to keep the game from being the same every round. I think randomly placed AI, or patrol points, would make the game more exciting. The idea wasn't to cause problems, or make the game harder, but to make it so you have to be alert...

          EDIT: And it wouldn't even be that hard to implement into new maps. Placing it in already existing maps may be a different story...
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            What we need are random objectives, and for the guards to not know when thieves complete something.


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              In TH-Spider, there is a (I think) custom actor (TRandomObjectDestroyer) which destroys all but a specified number of objects with a certain tag. It is used to destroy all but one grail, but it should work fine to destroy guards, patrol points, and even buttons or switches...

              EDIT: And like most of Joel's coding, it's fun to read
              It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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                So, what we need is a TOrdersChanger, that activates itself at the start of the match & holds an array of different orders that can be given. There would be one of these for each bot, so that each bot could have 8 (a fair number IMO) different orders at the start of the match (but each bot could be constricted to a certain range of orders, so that they don't accidentally end up all in the same place).

                (Incase you didn't twig, this would need to be placed in the map by the mapper)

                Sounds easy who wants to code it?


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                  This is a cool idea. I think that most of the AI should have set patrols, though. That way, there would be an element of surprise and uncertainty, along with some assurance of the known patrols. (Patrolling the Upper Floor of the Master's house in DE, for example, would be set. The guard that patrols around the Guest house, on the other hand, sometimes might patrol somewhere else, though.)

                  Just a thought, so that it wouldn't be COMPLETELY random. Either way, I think it would be cool.