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  • Does this count?

    No, seriously, if Nightblade is in the making, Do any bug reports or suggestions really matter. Irt seems as if the devs are spending all their time on NB.
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    I thought the same.

    But lot of features are same in nb, and the can make the same mistake. Second reason to continue posting bugs is that the Dan will continue with thievery, and there will be 1.5 maybe


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      1.5 will be the last Thievery release by the dev team, after that it's up to Dan. Or so I've heard.


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        I go to Uni in a few weeks, but I've promised myself that I'll do some scripting both for NB & TUT, while I'm away

        When they will get finished, nobody knows

        But currently, I'm sticking to either personal ideas or bug-fixes, seeing as people around here can rarely decide whether an idea is good or not

        Currently, I've got a few simple plans for more gametypes, that hang in limbo. This is mainly based upon Dalai's strict complaint that half of my ideas would ruin ThievesVsGuards, & so I have to form new gametypes to test my ideas