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Request for 1.3: Plan Time

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  • Request for 1.3: Plan Time

    (copied from the general discussion area where I think it shouldna been )

    Hi Devs,

    could we please have another countdown timer in the 1.3 upgrade. This would be disabled by default, and generally only enabled by server admins for guild practices and guildmatches. This timer would begin as soon as players spawn but before they are allowed to complete buying their loadout and begin playing and would not allow players to complete buying/start playing until after it reaches 0.

    It would effectively provide a minimum loadout time, but would be intended as "Plan Time" for teams to begin planning their actions and coordinate loadout buying, while aware of what positions they are going to spawn in. I think this'll be great for guildplay, and should be pretty easy to implement.

    Hope you'll consider it
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    Seconded here as well.
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      This wouldn't be useful just for clan matches. I like to tell what am i going to do at the beginning of every match, both as thief and as a guard, and in some maps, speed is crucial and i feel i'm wasting time typing. Anyways, communication > speed, but i'd rather have both.


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        I concur.
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