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Leaders of Legacy Server ... Possible Issue?

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  • Leaders of Legacy Server ... Possible Issue?

    On my server, I get a lot of messages in the DOS box with all these connects and disconnects over and over. Is this bad to see? Is it slowing down my server? Can I enable the Internet Firewall to allow only HTTP access and Thievery/UT/UT2k3/ Access to my PC? Does anyone know how to set up WinXP's Firewall?

    Here is just one of the multiple messages I get over and over. Only see them on my Thievery Normal Server and my Coop server. Don't see them on my Thief Match server. But they come over and over with different IP's and on different ports. I recently had the MSBLAST and I wonder if this is how I got it.

    [code:1:14a503dd73]Open MyLevel 09/09/03 06:22:39
    NotifyAcceptingConnection: Server MyLevel accept
    Open MyLevel 09/09/03 06:22:41
    Received ICMP port unreachable from client Disconnecting.[/code:1:14a503dd73]

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    As far as I know, WinXP's firewall can't be configured. I strongly suggest you get another firewall.


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      Wrong M2.

      To configure WXP firewall:

      1) Right click "My Network Places".
      2) Select "Properties" option.
      3) Right click the connection you want to configure.
      4) Select "Properties" option.
      5) "Local Area Connection Properties" dialogue appear.
      6) Select "Advanced" tab.
      7) Click on "Settings" command button.
      8) "Advanced Settings" dialogue appears.

      You can configure Services, logging and ICMP from these three tabs.

      I was working as a Microsoft and IBM software tester and I am currently working as a software engineer for Microsoft, so I know a few things about MS products. Not everything though. If you have more questions PM me and I'll try to help as much as I can
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        Thank you,

        Unfortunately I don't know that much in depth about the XP firewall. Where do I go to Allow only ports I need? I hear that I need to allow thaux.exe access too. How do I give it access? I was thinking I might get a copy of Zone Alarm, but I'd rather use Windows' firewall if it's simple enough



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          Originally posted by tundra
          I might get a copy of Zone Alarm
          Good idea.

          The only problem is that even ZA still won't help in this situation. What you are seeing is a DoS attack, whether against your IP or someone elses (using your TUT server/s), by using UT's rather insecure 'net code. Once it starts it can't be stopped until the attack is stopped from the sending computer/s, though it is possible with the right firewall (not ZA or WinXP's) to block the incoming packets.

          I've had a few of these attacks, some lasting an hour, others a full weekend. Luckily none have completely blocked my internet access, though one attack severely limited my bandwidth. Since I run my server on Linux I use iptables to block the IP/s of any computer/s once I notice the attack. Iptables then drops all packets from the blocked IP when they come in. While this protects my TUT server from the exploit it doesn't stop the attack.
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            There is a way you can prevent the attacks from happening. Try out the settings on this page.

            I haven't tried these settings myself but they look like they will stop these type of attacks.


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              Great! thanks man!