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  • 'Player' and game voting

    Just something that I noticed earlier today when I was playing solo...

    If there is only one person in a server and they wanted to use the 'callvote changemap' or 'callvote nextmap' command to perform the appropriate action they cannot if there is one of the "Player" player's logged in. I know this 'person' has something to do with the game, but they throw off the voting process as you can never get above 50% with them logged in.

    In 1.5, can we have the callvote commands ignore this 'player'?


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    Thats why server admins should lower the vote percentage to 48% like I did.


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      So, in a server of 10 players and the Player, you only need 5 people to kickban someone.


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        In a server wiht Mapvote, admins can set the TUT voting percentages to one value (Crackaz server is at 65%), so that kick and kickban votes only pass on that percentage, but the MapVote percentage can be set to some other value. I believe we have it at 50%, so that one player alone in a server can vote for a new map through MapVote, and it'll pass.


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          You should provide the other servers with Mapvote LR.


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            Originally posted by impulse
            You should provide the other servers with Mapvote LR.
            It's freely available to anyone who want's to use it. It's not like it's something we came up with. I think the other admins have said they don't want to use it, though.


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                I hate that mutator on Crackaz. I really do. It pops up when you're trying to type "gg", and usually a standard map rotation works fine. I just want to play games, not think!

                I'm probably a minority with this opinion tho...

                Yeah, it'd be nice if Player(0) could be ignored, but the callvote command is probably built into UT, not TUT. ie, nothing devs can do.
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