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  • Vine arrow suggestions

    I have 2 suggestions for vine arrows:

    1. Cutting vines
    2. Burning vines

    Cutting would only work if you used a sword on it, causing the rope to split where the sword hits it and the lower part to fall away as well as anyone on it.

    Burning would work with flares and firebolts. It would take a few seconds to start burning with a flare, and once it catches fire the part below would fall away and the vine left above would continue to burn, gradually reaching the top where the arrow itself would burn away. Firebolts would split the rope instantly and then gradually burn like with a flare. If someone is on a part when it burns up to them they would fall, but perhaps also be unable to use any weapons for a short amount of time. The fire would put off some light, maybe a quarter of the light from a torch. A water arrow could put out the fire.

    What to do about cut or burnt vine arrows that are retrieved I'm not sure about. Maybe have them become broadheads or have the vine that comes out have a possiblility of breaking, with an increased probability the longer someone is on it.

    This would give a little more worth to the sword and fire bolts, while taking away(what should be considered a bug exploit) the using of vine arrows to block doorways.
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    The idea sounds pretty good in theory, but that sounds like it might sorta hard to code.


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      Originally posted by Zidane
      The idea sounds pretty good in theory, but that sounds like it might sorta hard to code.
      Whatcha talkin about? That's trivial in UT2005. Lazy developers, not porting over.


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        You could suggest this for NightBlade, it would be to big a job to go into TUT now and maybe not even possible to code for it.
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