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I want to play as a Mech...

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  • I want to play as a Mech...

    Why can't one player from the guard team be randomly picked to as a child of karras, complete with grenade launcher, vulnerable boiler, glowing eye, mad mechanical taunt... OMG OMG!

    /me runs away...

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    That is a crazy idea... (and this is coming from me, the OFFICIAL TUT MadMan)

    Thought for the day: Beware of Gods who do not laugh


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      Sounds good to me, then before you know it, there will be a Thief character named garrett. 8)


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        Thievery 'Borg' = Fail


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          Originally posted by Ulukai
          Thievery 'Borg' = Fail
          We are dyslexic of Borg, resistance is futile. You will get your ass laminated.


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            I want to be a tree-beast!


            Heh, I would have smashed the child of karras into the ground.
            Come on, if you dear!


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              Ohh I agree! I wanna be a mech too! Make it a option in the server menu (checkbox) for enabling Mechs!
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                Me too! :lol:

                The balance issues might be a little severe however, but if you have the mech slow enough and the cannonball hard enough to use, maybe... You could also make the view like seeing through water to simulate their mechanical eyes.

                I would be happy just able to spectate as one of the little servant bots spouting out Karras speak.

                "When I was newly forged, Karras said unto me 'Thou are the child of mine endeavours. Follow me and you shall inherit the earth.'."
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                  It was originally just random dumbness from me... But it would be a very sweet addition to a map designed for it.
                  *zzz-clunk zzz-clunk zzz-clunk zzz-clunk*


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                    It could work, but it may be gettin a little to "Thiefy". (Copyright, plaguerism, legal stuff, etc.)
                    <makes love to TuT again and again...and again>


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                      Its only plagurism if you make MONEY off the sale of Thievery. To my knowledge no-one does. You could have Karras and all the Hammerites and legally there'd be not a lot that Ion Storm/Eidos (or whoever) could do.
                      Thought for the day: Beware of Gods who do not laugh



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                        Not the copyright stuff again.


                        It's definately potential copyright infringement even if you don't make money on it. It's debatable, and therefore can be taken to court. See the FAQ on the ThieveryUT site.

                        As to whether a mech is too "thiefy", I don't know.
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                          "Blessed art the forged Ones, for they know no Fear, art fueled by Karras"