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Custom map downloads from servers in 1.3?

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  • Custom map downloads from servers in 1.3?

    Ok, I know it's been asked ages ago but I can't remember last Thursday, nevermind way back when....

    Is there a specific reason TUT doesn't allow map downloads from servers by default and if not, why not?

    (Also, what are the settings that allow map downloads)
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    In the ThAux.ini under [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] there is AllowDownloads=

    This is set to false by default and must be set to True on the server and the client for downloads to work.

    I've received word that True will be the default setting in 1.3. I know there is a utility out there that backs up ini files so this maybe a problem. For all those ppl out there that intend to back your ini before upgrading to 1.3 please change this setting. Well if you want to download custom maps from the servers please change this setting.


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      There's some dork around and his name starts with a M and finishes with a r.K. ... I just PM'ed you, Chainsaws, about this very thread. And look who started it.