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jamf banned permanently

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  • jamf banned permanently

    in last year a new player came around "jamf". he played abit, and as new he was he became more and more rude and bad.
    xample is if he looses game, you will hear him saying nothing else then "fuck" in a row. if he get knocked, you will hear him say "cheater" in a row.
    so done the whole time he played on. day after day he did more rude and more bad.
    then i banned him. since a few days he is registered on my forum and asks why banned. the answer and the posting of my co admins he did not read actually.

    just yet "jamf" was on ctg server, about 20:00 gmt. there he called me a "nacist facist".

    game over jamf, your ban will never get lifted. each server i own, u ll never coming in.
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    I was playing with him 2 days ago in Crackaz. I killed him as a guard with the help of firebolt and he started to yell 'firespammer'. When I killed mih secon time he shouted 'fuk yu' 'fuk' and quit


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      i am sorry for that korax,

      strange that he get rude by guard that uses firearrow to help. after he insulted me on ctg i specced him with "fraps" ready to record.
      also i didnt want to say that here, i do now:
      there i observed him as guards in flats. he did buy and use firearrows only, he runs around the map, shoot fire here, step in to be lighted, shoot fire there, step in to be lighted. never was a thief new. he searches in that way. as he saw a thief, he shot about 6 farrows on him, so he dont need to complain about firespamming.
      the best was twice, as he got no more farrows, he "misjumped" and died. at respawn he had new farrows. so done twice.
      A real huge Man will neither stamp on a Worm, nor crawl for an Emperor

      Thievery Customs Center
      Vietcong Customs Center


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        Good call brody.


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          I can't say I didn't see this coming.

          When I was running my server a few weeks back he did the same thing. I gave him a warning about the language and suiciding and he stopped.

          Only to continue doing it elsewhere it would seem.
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            Like machine said, good call!

            I remember playing with thim the... third time, on your server, with you playing, and he refused to play becasue you were there. When i asked him why, he got all offended, and called you a cheater for 1/2 hour straight. suprisingly, he survived 4 games of constant kick and kickban votes before he left 'on his own accord'.

            I'm optimistic, and i try hard not to judge people, but wow, what an asshole.

            (note: Read with an uplifting mood. Also, not as a raging or flaming post.)
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