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  • Korman Table Bug

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but the room with the fireplace next to the dining room has a bug on the table. This is the table that the ruby can sit on.

    The problem is that if you jump on it, you can fall through. It's not too bad of a bug, but it could cause problems if the guards happen to be evil!

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    Oh yeah, I can see it now ...

    [dream sequence]

    I think I will jump on this table!
    LeatherMan jumps on the table, but falls through, much to his surprise ...
    Wow, now this is cool! Nobody will get in, or out, of this room!
    ... and readies his Crossbow loaded with firebolts. Too distracted with his new-found camp, LM never even noticed the gem, which is now residing just below his waistline ...

    BrokenArts prances into the room and quickly ducks in the opposite corner of the room.
    EEK! Look at the size of that gem! I heard it was big ... but wow!
    BA - awed at the size of the gem - fails to notice the hunk-of-a-man (in armor) standing thigh-deep in the table directly behind the gem, and slowly creeps forward. Totally unaware of her surroundings, BA accidentally steps into the light being cast by the fireplace.

    LM notices the silhouette and immediately shoots a firebolt at the would-be thief!

    Owah! Why am I getting hot flashes?!? Owah!
    As if in a trance cast by the gem BA continues forward, arms outstretched ....

    LM, curious as to why the fem-thief isn't retreating, asks
    What is she reaching for? Whoa! Is she reaching for my ...? I think she is! Whoa!

    Owah! Mine! All mine! Owah!
    BA gets too close and ingnites LM, her right hand within inches of the gem ...

    Owah! Man am I getting hot! Owah! And I don't care if she hasn't shaved in a week! Owah!
    LM passes out just as BA palms the gem ...

    Owah! Hello! Where did he come from?!? Owah!
    Snapped back to reality by the now limp guard crashing to her feet, BA quickly douses herself and makes her getaway.

    [/dream sequence]

    LM wakes up the next morning, in prison, charged with attempted arson and suspected of stealing the gem that he was supposed to be protecting ... :|
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      umm... or you could just set the able to block actors


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        ya LM...kindda scary/pleasant feeling all in one.... standing there is like having a second heart that everyone wants to steal
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          Well, I'm glad you all could get pleasure from me posting this bug! :?

          :lol: :lol: :lol:


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            Heh, LM has big gems... :grin:
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              ahhhhh haaaaa....what can I say. I love big gems. :lol:


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                Originally posted by BrokenArts
                ahhhhh haaaaa....what can I say. I love big gems. :lol:
                !!! :|


                Hehehe... I was gonna say something, but I'm in mixed company...
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                Former TCO Head of Intelligence – Retired


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                  SNAFU? Mixed company? :p

                  Now LM, was that in Folly? Oh no no no, it was Korman. I remember it now. In the living room, the glow from the fire, it made your armour just gleam. Damn blinding me! Pfft. After my eyes adjusted from your blinding tin foil suit, you smiled, I thought you were reaching out to me, but, always on the job, you place a well lit firebolt right on my ass!! I couldn't think of anything else, fleeing the scene, was not in my plan. Then I crouched, and crept towards you.... Do guards where steel cups? Can't tell you how many, (oh never mind.) Just within reach, almost.....OOOHH!! you taunted me. GOT IT! OHH My. It is big isn't it? Wonder how much I will get for it. :-p
                  As I try and cool off, I douse myself, ahhh, don't care if my hair gets wet. I run out the door, just as LM falls to the ground, that smile, for some reason never leaving his face.


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                    What have I done?!?!?!


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                      You didn't do anything Biohazard. We hijacked yer thread. Please forgive us. :wink:


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                        LM, I have such a visual after reading your 'dream'....LMAO.

                        BA, you're after the big gems again, eh?


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                          Oh geez, uhm ... what can I say? Uh, err, ops:

                          Sorry Biohazard, I really don't know what came over me!

                          Screens at 11:00!
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                            Dammit, you can't go out for ONE night without the guards getting randy. You'd think, having two guard rooms and four bedrooms available they'd do the decent thing and head upstairs, but NO, they have to romp around my dining room. Look at the scratches on this table! I'll have to call the polishers in now!

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                            Well at least somebody is getting some around here.
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                              LM sent me screenies! Anyone care to host them.