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  • Modifying Other People's Maps

    This was brought up a week or two ago and I forget what the consensus was, so I thought I'd open up a debate.

    Should one person be designated to make an "official" patch to certain user-made maps that the original mapper has given to the TUT community and subsequently vanished, so that map-specific bug fixes can be made?

    If yes, things like Nostalgia's sewers and the wall escape would be fixed, Theater's wall escape would be fixed, the Korman hedge escape would be fixed, etc. The problem with this is, it might give the tweaker too much "official" power to make larger map tweaks that might conflict with the original mapper's intent.

    What do you think?

    (Mods, move this to Mapping or General as you see fit.)
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    I dont think one person maybe a small team, like a branch of the devs or something.
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      If an mapper can't work on his/her map for what reason, and someone else wants to update that map, firstly someone should ask for permission. I also think, sorry to sound rough, not everyone is able to update a map. But if a mapper has good ideas, can map in the same style as the rest of the map and can improve it, I think it's good

      But to answer YOUR question ... I think .... no. One person simply can't update all the maps. Plus , I somehow get the feeling, it won't be good for the maps.
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        I would say only with the permission of the appropriate people, and I believe this is being done. Gerome has been re-worked quite nicely and I remeber hearing that Nostalgia has had some things fixxed.
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          Well, quite a few maps are updated by their maker. These are all just waiting for the next patch i believe.

          If there is a nasty bug in map, and the maker has abandonded it, then a Black Cat games mapper should fix it.
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            Skeltsonhead v2 was a mixed bag IMO. I think KAM did have some good ideas (moving easily rushable/campable map spawns like the docks and middle house, additional entry method into NE house). The little carved-out area way in back by the NE house is unnecessary, though.

            Of course, the fact that KAM didn't ask the original author's permission will guarantee this map never becomes official.


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              hmm... sounds like a case-specific question to me... it's Technically legal, but at the same time awfully immoral...

              depends, i'd say. No button for that though.
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                Huh, when the Mapper tweaking/fixing stuff is authorized and skilled and when the targets of the "patching" are specific bugs, or a mapper abadons a map and gives permission to continue working on it, then why not...

                But of course having the permission of the original mapper is first priority, and "patches" for the official maps should be kept as minimal as possible and only focus on the most critical bugs (no crazy flying birds everywhere plz ).
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                  i wouldn't mind as long as you give the person credit who did it before you.
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