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  • Brodys Switches

    hi online,

    i reswitched the Servers. plz follow the link to inform. and check the SERVERINFO

    are you interested on a Co op Server? i am on the idea to change BRODYS CHALLENGE to a Co op Server.
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    Thievery Customs Center
    Vietcong Customs Center

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    Co-op is a good idea but the guards must be genius there...
    My english isnt the best!


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      yeah I like that idea... we should give it a try! But we should make it a bit more difficult! If there are 3 players its very easy to win isnt it?
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        For more experienced player, I would suspect any map without human guards is an easy win. Unless your ghosting, genius level can make things easier (guards far easier to distract and move to to other areas). My opinions only though. Co-op is good for team practice and teaching new players.

        And thanks Brody for taking time to provide us with these servers!
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