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Newly found Nostalgia bug!!

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  • Newly found Nostalgia bug!!

    Found this out after two people in two different games asked me how I saw them after I killed one and only hurt the other. The two people (which I don't think they mention me using their names) were Grank and Entropy. The bug is on the roof the same area/level as the skylight into the mansion. The area is about 50% shadow. When you enter the shadow as a thief your gem goes black showing you as invisible. However if you go into third person view you will see you aren’t invisible, and are in fact completely visible. Although the area is dark it's not too hard to see a thief there.

    I went on the RLF server to verify this bug myself since I had only seen it from a guard’s point of view. IE I see the thief go kill him; he then asks how I saw him.

    Happy patching!!

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    What does the visiblity % meter show? There are a bunch of places that show black on the gem, but are obviously different in practice.
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      Have not used the % thing. I'm not really a thief so never changed it. However the area looks very shadowed. And when you move into the shadowed area there in 3rd person view your thief fades invisible for a split second then goes fully visible. Kind of like he's trying to take a dump but can't get it out.


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        I too have had this problem, it only happens in OPENGL tho.

        Your visibitly meter shows you at 60% visible but your gem shows you as dark.

        So just a problem with the gem it seems


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          D'oh! Yeah, it wasn't the first time that's happened to me either - you'd think something woulda made me check that out!? Thanks for clearing it up Kore
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