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can't see Brodys with All-Seeing Eye

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  • can't see Brodys with All-Seeing Eye

    In past I could always see Brodys server on ASE... The strange is I can still see all the other server =/
    It doesnt work since one month now and I waited with make a thread here, because I thought it would maybe come back somehow. So I have got go ingame now all the time, and that sucks.

    Has anybody got the same problem or can help me!?

    Thanks, Sandman
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    You are not the only one- I believe everybody has that problem.

    At least for me, his is not the only server either. The -=:ToB:=- Practice server (Location-US, up 24/7) has the same problem (at least for me).

    Related topic: Does anyone know how ASE gets its information? These servers appear on the TUT server listing, so I would assume something is different.
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      Add the servers to your favorites.

      It'll ask you if it's a dynamic url, answer yes.
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        As of right now, I finally can see all of Brody's servers in ASE. I haven't been able to for a long time. I still can't see your server Thebos. I am not sure how ASE differs from the ingame browser but I have a theory. I think ASE pings the server directly and if you have a firewall that can block WAN pings then your server is invisible to ASE. Maybe the ingame browser queries the master server instead of pinging the server directly. Thats just my theory...and it is probably wrong. :grin:


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          oh thank you Salvage!!! It works now
          "Blockheads never learn, Clever learn by his own mistakes, Intelligents learn by mistakes of others."