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Those Admins, that got IPDATA ACCESS and ...

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  • Those Admins, that got IPDATA ACCESS and ...

    ...are NOT registered on my Forum, i ask you to talk to BA and/or my Coadmins.

    I have sent two links to download two Files. Plz grab them and view, and talk about it to BA and/or my Coadmins, so would know what is the Story about.

    I have sent them the Story with a Forum Mass Email. I will and cannot post it here. But i want to hear your opinon in that Story. Plz talk to BA and/or my Coadmins and just let them or me know, what is your view about it.

    Thank you very much
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    Evil is afoot. :x

    [edit, just for LR]: I dont actually mean evil is physically a foot, I mean that its around... again...
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      Another cheater in our midst?


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        i'm still rejected from crackaz, please help......
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        Guy: It didn't work out at my last job
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          Originally posted by Tobias_the_taffer
          i'm still rejected from crackaz, please help......
          Not related to the topic of the thread, but what the hell...

          Problem is you're on AOL. We've had to block out most of AOL's IP ranges, because some folks refuse to accept the consequences of their actions. I know we were able to open up a couple blocks and let some other players on AOL in, we might be able to with you as well. I'll work with Grank on it.

          A better longterm solution, however, is to switch to a real ISP.

          AOL sux.