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Server won't list on master server

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  • Server won't list on master server

    I've been trying to mess with getting a server up for a while now. I have two computers, and I would like to start a dedicated server on one of them. First problem (of many), my server doesn't show up on the master server list, even with the box that says "advertise server" checked.

    I'm guessing this is why (copyed and pasted from the unreal server console):

    Log: Resolved (
    ScriptLog: UdpServerUplink: Master Server is
    ScriptLog: UdpServerUplink: Port 7779 successfully bound.
    Log: Resolved (
    ScriptLog: UdpServerUplink: Master Server is
    ScriptLog: UdpServerUplink: Port 7779 successfully bound.
    Log: AInternetLink Resolve failed: Can't find host (WSANO_DATA)
    ScriptLog: UdpServerUplink: Failed to resolve master server address, aborting.


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    That's not the reason. That secondary master server hasn't been running for quite some time now.

    Your problem is probably a router/firewall problem. It could also be that sometimes it takes a while for a server to show up in the server list.
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      I've gone and told my router to open port 7777 through 7782. Now is there a system file in my unreal/thievery folder that I need to edit? Or is all I have to do is go to start multiplayer game, choose my settings, choose the server name, make sure advertise server is checked, and change the port from 80 (default) to 7777?


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        You need to forward port 27900 as well.

        Your server should work just fine at it's current settings, but it has no way to advertise itself without 27900 open.
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          heya anar, welcome to the serverworld

          its excact what is said. just give in ur router/firewall these ports free:

          and 27900

          make sure (as far u have router) to have the ports forwarded to the correct serverpc.

          dont try to check the internetlist with ur own server, if u have a router. u will not find it, only on LAN tab. this is because routers deny "loopback", which means, it is not possible to connect internet with "pc A" just to connect something via internet on that "pc A".

          any questions more? just feel free to ask.
          notice: should be interested to run server for constantly, just check ToB, CrkZ Sites for Utilities like "Webchatlog", and so sweet little usefull Adminstuff.

          or just contact me, i ll give u url to download from my then.

          anar, again:
          welcome to the world of servers
          good to see u around.
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            thanks admins I'll be keeping in touch and tweaking this server until eventually it runs, i'll keep you all posted, and thanks again for the help


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              Okay, now i'm even more confused. Before, when I started the server, dedicated or not, my server would'nt list on the master server. So I would go to my other computer, and see if it would list on the master server, still wouldn't. So I said, okay fine, how about i typed in the server ip address under "open connection," so I would type in the ip addres, and I couldn't connect to the server manually. So after the post of opening the port 27900 I did, and low and behold, I can connect to my server from my other computer by manually typing in the ip address as mentioned aboved. I can connect to the server, play the level, and see myself playing the level on the computer running the server. However, the problem is the server never shows up on the master server. The only way I can play on the server is by manually typing the address under open connection as above. So my problems lies here, I can connect to the server by going to open connection and typing in However, nobody knows about the server unless they manually type in that ip address. I'm missing something somewhere and I can't figure it out


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                not a problem at all, anar.

                1. do u have router?
                2. do router run firewall?
                3. that firewall gives the ports 7777-7789 free and forward to (ur example pc)?
                4. that firewall gives the port 27900 free and forwart to (ur example pc)?
                5. do u have softwarefirewall on ur pc, like ZONEALARM,NORTON,OUTPOST?
                6. then notice to give there the ports free on ur serverpc, too.
                7. do u run winxp?
                8. is the xp included firewall enabled?
                9. disable that then

                10. finally,
                10a: no one from outside will be able to connect ur server by manually typing 192.168.x.x, this is ONLY working for LAN connection, all pc inbetween ur house/room, behind the router.
                10b: the master servers sometimes really need some time to fresh up. could be needed one hour sometimes. just let it run and check it after a while.
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                  Ok, what Brody has told you is true, consider that the master server takes about 3-4 hours to update, I had to leave my server on for about 24 hours before it began to advertise, once you've done this it seems to stay there.

                  Your best bet to get somebody OUTSIDE your network to connect via the direct IP because as brody says, your router will translate any outside address into an inside address regardless.


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                    Open ThAux.ini from your \UnrealTournament\System folder and edit the following line under the [UWeb.WebServer] section:




                    Save the file and restart the server.
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                      the first time i started my server I had the same problem.
                      If you're running windows XP, make sure the XP firewall is turned off.
                      Do that by going to ur control panel/internet connections, hit the advanced tab
                      and uncheck the xp firewall box.


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                        This is probably not your issue, but I had problem were my firewall idle time setting was too high. After initialing appearing, the server would disappear. Currently have idle time set to two minutes.

                        My initial trials and tribulations when trying to start the server can be found here:


                        Maybe something useful for you there, do not know.

                        It has also been noted a UT 451 server may not appear on the All Seeing Eye. It will appear if you check through thievery. Which version of UT are you using?

                        Also, once you get it yours running, get the webchat log off of Brody's home page. Would suggest using that fro records, and turning off the UT log. The server would, after a fashion, start slowing down (lagging), then eventually crash. Only unusual I noticed was the test file log UT generates by default was about 16M at the time of the crash. Suspecting that writing to this file bogged the game causing the crash, turned it off. The crash has not happened since. There may have been something esle going on, or another way around, I do not know. The webchatlog provides the key inforamtion, and writes to a new file every round.
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                          The problem definately lies with the router. My cable modem plugs into the router, 2 cables from the router run the internet on my two different computers. So I decided to bypass the router, and just run the cable from the cable modem directly to my network card on the server instead of running it from the router. What do you know, within ten minutes I had two people playing on the server. I don't get it, I've opened up the ports on the router, and set the ip address for those ports. I've followed the directions from the netgear website that says how to do portforwarding, but it still won't work. hmm....


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                            Are you sure you've forwarded the ports to the right machine(or any machine for that matter). I know I've set up ports to be forwarded to the wrong machine before.

                            Open up the command prompt(when you're connected to the network) and enter ipconfig to get the ip for that computer so you know where to forward it to and see if that's the problem.

                            Hopefully that's the only problem.

                            Oh and did you do as LeatherMan said?
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                              anar, ur server is up, i saw him just yet. not sure, if router is on now or not.
                              u have two choices for the netgear router:

                              1. portforwarding!
                              lets say ur server pc is, then u have to give the ports 7777-7789 free and forward to AND the port 27900 to give free and forward to
                              NOTICE: FiREWALL RULES at netgear router must be enabled.

                              2. u can switch ur server pc as DMZ!
                              lets say ur server pc is, then check FIREWALL RULES and define as DMZ. that means "demilitarized" and THAT pc is not protected through netgearĀ“s firewall. then i suggest u to install a software firewall to protect ur pc itself.

                              i run netgear router, too and as u know, i handle four thievery servers and one viecong server on it. the settings in between the routers are a bit diff, due diff fabricate or update drivers.

                              maybe u can tell me which specific router u run? so i can check it out.

                              btw: just read salvageĀ“s post. this idea is a worth thought. see, if the router is set, on DHCP on, that means, the pc will get their 192.168.0.x ips FROM THE ROUTER. WHICH IP GETS WHICH NUMBER DEFINES THE ROW OF BOOTING/CONTACT. that means, maybe yesterday pc A had and today that ip is on pc C, due earlier boot. in that case i suggest u to reserve (or which number u prefer) for the server ip. so that always the same pc will get the same lan ip. check LAN IP SETUP for it.
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