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  • System requirements for a server...

    Quite soon I might be getting an old machine for free. It's an intel 400Mhz, with 64-128MB ram (I dunno much else about it. Not even sure it works yet.). So I want to know the requirements to host a decent thievery server, if it's possible with this older computer.

    Another question, is there a way to toggle my external devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor) between my current machine and the new one, without having to either manually switch em out, or get new ones (taking money, and space)?
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    Not sure about the server. cannot hurt try.

    As for the switch, yes there are quite a few items out there that do that (believe they are called KVM swithces). I have such a device myself. To switch between the two computers requires a double tap on the scroll lock key. the device is self contained- no additional software needed. Picked it up from Best Buy for about $50.

    Use a different one, but a link to a similar device:
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      Try the server, but I wouldn't expect much from it.

      I had one running a while ago which was a 500 Celeron(the type of cpu will make a difference) with 128 ram. It was barely able to run with 6 players on it. Your mileage may vary.
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        It depends on the os and what other software you have running in the back ground. If you're lucky you'll be able to squeeze a 8 person server out of it if it's running win98 with nothing else. No firewall or antivirus. If it only has 64 megs of ram then upgrade it. Ram would make a fairly large difference.


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          Alright, we'll see how things go then. If it runs poorly, i've got a 1.7ghz celeron sitting around somewhere. A new mobo and a ram upgrade might make something useful out of it. If I eventually try that celeron, i'll have to see how ut2k3 runs on it, though i'm not expecting much, most games run like crap with it's 128k cache.
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            Ditto what's been said about the RAM. 128MB is a bare minimum, and 256 is probably the minimum for decent performance. Performance might be hindered by that CPU, though. (FYI, the original CTG server was a 600 MHz Celeron - hasn't been since about Feb 2002, though)

            There are probably several solutions to your keyboard/mouse/monitor problem. One of those is the KVM box Thebos mentioned, but that'll cost about as much as keyboard, mouse, and really cheap 4th hand monitor. Another opition is remote control software. Virtual Network Control (VNC) is a free package you can use for this. RealVNC and TightVNC both work fairly well. Run the VNC server on your TUT server, and connect to it with the client/viewer. What you get is a window on your machine, with the other machine's desktop in it. It will use up system resources, though, and degrade the performance of the gameserver, but probably not too badly when the VNC server isn't connected.


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              yeah, i run the TWW Server on a 3GHZ with 1.2GB of DDRRAM and sometimes ppl get lags due to processor and memory ( server runs on WinXP with bugfix ) if you do choose WinXP or 2000 for your server, you need HELL LOADS of memory, the bug fix and make sure you set the Server program to 100% prority or if you are playing or doing anything else, ur computer stalls, everyone else stalls with you
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                lol, well I turned down the comp. Too slow to do much on it. At least, nothing I can't just do on my main machine. However, i'll probably be getting a second monitor 8). Always wanted a dual monitor setup. Now if only I had enough desk space to put it somewhere .
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