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A cloaked figure walks among the few structures that stood the test of time...

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  • A cloaked figure walks among the few structures that stood the test of time...

    The old man wanders the seemingly dead ruins of these holy grounds in search of clues from a bygone era. The buildings' walls, or what's left of them, are covered in writings that tell stories about the city's past glory. Ancient glyphs that contain faded records of the creation of this world and their deities.

    The whims of these deities that shaped and reshaped reality through the ages can be read with astonishing, neatly organized detail, identifying a number of distinct ages, with the last record being the seventh. But also the depictions of more mundane affairs can be found. From trivial accounts of the day to day lives of the people that once inhabited the region and the conflicts among them to celebrations of great importance. Some of the walls describe ritualistic competitions called Tournaments of Darkness that were held in specially designed arenas that pitted the so called Lurkers in the shadows and the Guardians in a continuous struggle of wits, deception and blood.

    It is the study of those arenas that is of most interest to the stranger, for as much information there seems to be, there is a group of three glyphs of unknown meaning that commonly appears in their names, again and again. They seem to indicate that the arenas were reworked in some way. The symbols can roughly be translated as TME but their exact meaning, unless the ancient spirits are awoken, seems to be lost to history.

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    "Ancient spirits! Awaken and enlighten me with your knowledge! What is the meaning of TME?"


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      Looks like a stock pump and dump to me. IMO Spiffcoin is the next best thing.
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        TME stands for TrapMaster Edition, basically bug fixed versions of the official maps, modified by former player Trapmaster.
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