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Sigh, yet again.

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  • Sigh, yet again.

    So now I got my new suped up PC and played around with the network bridging and I decided to see if I was able to get on the thievery servers again, since no one seems to be rushing to fix the proble, so I hopped on crackaz and I got on. I was all excited and played a few maps then I got automaticaly kick again and couldn't get back on. Do the servers just not like me What am I doing wrong?

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    Hmm... could you post in more detail how your machines are setup and linked to the net?


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      Could you give a specific time/timezone and date of the incident? If I can check teh log for that point, I might be able to figure out what's going on.


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        Its the same detail as in the last 2 similar posts:

        Only difference now is I got new PC with integrated LAN port and was trying to split my router and bridge my new LAN port and old NIC card together in the system. but like thebos said, that didnt show any real improvements, so i removed the 2 connections and just left the new integrated LAN connected. nothing else changed.


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          This one computer at my friends house does the same thing, only it doesn't let me on at all. All's I can do is see who is on what server, and when I double click to join, I go straight to windows. :? It sucks and blows, I feel your pain.
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            You think that's painful, you should try shaving your testicles with a serrated knife....