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Sugg: Right-Click on Human Guards for Personalized Message

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  • Sugg: Right-Click on Human Guards for Personalized Message

    You know how you can right click on a Computer Bot Guard and make him do things (follow, guard, patrol, etc.)....

    How about making a popup menu when we right click on our human teammates, both guards and thieves, and have user settable messages that we can just scroll down to. Instead of Keybinding messages and forgetting which message was on what key..

    And then have the system auto enter the user's name that you are talking to.

    For example.. I could set my right click messages to be:

    A. Do you have a health potion?
    B. Good job
    C. Use the vine arrow
    D. Go around the front
    E. Lets attack together
    F. Come with me
    G. A thief is in here with us!
    H. ________

    And when i right click on the human teammate this menu pops up and I select the message I want to say, and the System auto fills the teammates name..
    so if i click on user "Fridae" and select message "G.", the console will send:

    Whisper: Hey Fridae, A thief is in here with us!

    This way when we whisper on teams with a lot of people... they aren't all going crazy like WHERE WHERE and im not even talking to them.

    The "H." line is for blank message that still autofills the user name but allows u to make a message on the fly for not so common occurances, so i can select "H." and it will goto the console prompt and partially type my message:

    Whisper: Hey Fridae, _______________________

    and i can fill in the rest like "don't move the whistler"

    so the end result is:

    Whisper: Hey Fridae, don't move the whistler

    Make this settable in the ini or in the Preferences option.


    And another idea on the same principle.... maybe another menu that pops up on button press that allows us to mouse select Two columns of sayings.. one with Shout commands like "Hi Everyone", and one with group whisper commands like "I NEED BACKUP" .... maybe set it to the N key or something. Just like holding down V and selecting vote or speech.. hold down N and select a message that will either be whispered or Shouted based on the column it's in and have those messages user definable.

    Whadya think? doesn't sound too hard.. just another menu subprogram like the V menu, but pull in the text from the ini file and print to console!

    (Copied from my previous post at the old forums.. i figured it belongs here)

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    Interesting idea, but it seems too complicated to work in the game.


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      Why? its exactly like the right click menu for AI. Perhaps Option H is hard to do.. but the other ones are quick and easy


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        You can always use some keybinds. Thing is that human guards rarely stay put for long wnough for you to click on them and select an option. Also, i don't know if it'd be easy enough to implement and how the new iterface cold be designed so it's still clean AND fast to use.


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          Keybinds dont say the name and its easy to forget what message was on what key.

          what new interface? use exact same interface from the AI guard pop up menu. To click on a player.. u just have to get close enuff for a second... Doesn't even matter if the guard runs to the other side of the level after you right click on him. As long as you have the right click menu up, You've still initialized the console to place his name in the shout or whisper line followed by ur next selection. Just like with AI.. if you pop up on them.. and then another player pushes him away or he gets killed.. his pop up menu stays up awaiting command. so it will still be as quick as the Right click guard AI menu.. but with user settable messages instead of "Follow Me" and "Guard Here". And as far as the console recognizing who you clicked on, well it some how pulls that data from you when you vote.. so it should be able to pull that data when you click on someone.


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            Oh, yes, didn't notice. Hum... I don't know if it would be too much of a hassle, don't see it as a priority, but you know, every suggestion can help or lead to a potential improvement.


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              Originally posted by Mr.K.
              Oh, yes, didn't notice. Hum... I don't know if it would be too much of a hassle, don't see it as a priority, but you know, every suggestion can help or lead to a potential improvement.
              That's the polite way to say "Piss off. We hate your idea.".

              Sounds like a good idea, and it probably isn't THAT hard to code. Just toss in a new menu, and then have the commands on for "team_say" and you got it.
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                Don't put words in my mouth, i mean what i wrote. Nothing more, nothing less. ^_^


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                  LoL snafu... Everyone seemed to like it in the old forum so I figured I would bring it to where it belonged and expected the same feelings, but it also exposes it to different members with different feelings. So thats good to get more perspectives