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  • Crackaz ThiefMatch Server

    We're now going to run a ThiefMatch server for the public since there has been more interest in this game type. It only supports 4 players because games much bigger than that are clumsy imo and I want to make every attempt to keep lag down.


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    will the thiefmatch server be instead of the private or the public server?
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      Good show, Grankaroo...

      Sandy: probably won't be at the expense of either, seeing as the normal deathmatchplus public server is up and they would be unlikely to scrap the private server... although the private server isn't up, so I can't be entirely sure.
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        Well to answer your question... Our private server will be down until needed for now. We have a server upgrade coming soon that should provide enough juice to run all 3 at the same time. Until that time, we will be running the TvG and ThiefMatch servers for the public and when we have practice or a match on one of our servers all others will be shutdown for the duration. Once they're done the TvG and TM servers will be put back up.