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    I will occasionally have a server up for crazy gameplay, for the purpose of playing 'alternately'.

    Example: Tonight I had a server up where U1 maps were played as thieves. SNAFU joined me after the 2nd level, and we had a good time killing off aliens (with TUT weapons mostly, mind you [i used some guns, but only ones already accessable in the levels]). This gameplay is quite interesting as you fight monsters much stronger than yourself, but with some strategy and luck, the odds are fairly balanced. Only problem was that some triggers didn't work so I had to use admin to reach the exit or fix the problem.
    [Note that if I do this again, and you want to play, copy all music, maps, sounds, and textures from unreal into the appropriate TH- folders]

    I also occasionally go crazy summoning the u1 aliens in TUT maps, where players can join guards and we have a base, and go about trying to achieve various objectives I set; ex: kill all monsters, find all 7 dr peppers and bring them to base, reach a certain area. Sometimes ut guns are used here, other times not. Either way, this can get interesting.

    So, if you feel like playing and you don't feel like standard TUT, drop in for a while. I'll be glad to have you around if the server's up.

    [note: gets extremely laggy with 7 or more people, but usually never get that many people]

    Just offering this to anyone who's interested, and if you think of another 'alternate' gameplay, then I could probably host a server for that too.

    And if for some reason there is a lack of normal servers I may provide this server as a normal TUT server. Have fun playing TUT :grin: I know I do.

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    Yeah, I saw your server, but I didn't see much point in installing Unreal just to play for 30 minutes :?

    Other stuff sounds like definite fun though


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      sorry for 'necroposting', but I can sometimes put my server up again now that I know how to get it available to the public (I'm such a sometimes ) Basically, the same as your average public server, little less capacity, and the odd change or two here and there (basically, I'll do one or two things per game to spice it up). Mapvote 3.02 is on (dunno if that's what the major servers are using now :/) with a wide variety of maps to choose from. Please note that some are mapping attempts (some may not work in other words, I think I forgot to add playerstarts to one and never got around to working on it ever again. At least 90% should work, though some will require a slow DL )

      OK, done my rambling and advertising my server, hope I see some people in there And sorry again for the necropost but I don't think it's really worth starting another thread for this, and the server isn't gonna be up 24/7, so no real point in putting it in the official servers thread, IMO anyway.