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    Is there any way to get the file to NOT create blank game types in UT?

    I tried changing the MetaClass to ThieveryMod.ThieveryDeathMatchPlus (from Botpack.TournamentGameInfo), but all that did is not make it show up in either place.

    AirFightUT has found a way to do this without error, so I know it's possible.

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    Blank Game types?! You mean that Thievery added a gametype to Unreal Tournament? That's odd, I installed TUT like 4 or 5 times and never got this error. Being that my assumption is your error.
    Anway this is just my 2 cents. Hopefully a dev will come here any minute and give you a clear answer.
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      Err... Did you use the Thievery executable to start up the game?
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        You must excuse those ppl that didn't come from UT.
        They don't know the dreaded blank gametypes.
        I feel with you! :wink:
        EDIT: AirFightUT's choppers are teh rock! (Wish they were real vehicles you
        can dis-/mount, though.) Ooh the tanks don't feel half-bad either.
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          If I use Thievery.exe to start the game up, then I see just the Thievery game types.
          No problem.

          If I use UnrealTournament.exe to start UT, then I see blank game types.

          If I change the .int file, to declare them as the more specific "ThieveryDeathMatchPlus" game type, then use the UnrealTournament.exe, no more blank game types! (which is one thing that AirFightUT does, and why I brought that up)

          But then, if I use Thievery.exe to start up the game, after changing the file, no game types at all.

          I'm thinking a default property in the GameInfo classes needs to be changed?? but I'm not sure.

          Yea, AirFightUT is pretty cool, but I don't like the cockpit huds, and everything seems kinda choppy on my machine. If other people don't see that maybe I just need to change my video mode, though I just kinda assumed it was cuz of the small size of the models. It is neat how all the different vehicles steer though ;-P


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            Originally posted by Beowulf
            You must excuse those ppl that didn't come from UT.
            They don't know the dreaded blank gametypes.
            Meh! I played UT for a long time before TUT showed up on the scene. In fact I found myself going back to it after getting the feeling that UT 2003 was a bit quakish. So I dont quite fit that pot.
            Must have been something wrong with the instalation. I started UT 2 minutes ago and I saw no abnormal stuff. All gametypes were normal and working. Dunno what could have done this but since what you have done messes up with your TUT instalation you probably will have to live with it.
            Or I am missing something?
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              Example :-

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